Prospective students

Prospective students

  • International Environment

    Turiba University provides the possibility of studying together with students from all over the world or to go abroad for exchange of experience! Turiba University students represent 26 countries globally and they have applied for studies at all study levels delivered by the University by gaining expertise under the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree study programmes.

  • Campus

    The University comprises contemporary premises for studies, an up-to-date library and a student campus — the Youth Hostel a sports hall, two catering units, free-time occupation areas as well as other establishments required in the daily life of students. Lectures are held in convenient and newly repaired auditoriums, and the students can daily make use of a free WiFi.

  • Double Degree Programmes

    Studying for a certain period at Turiba and in one of the 77 partner universities to acquire a degree from 2 universities. Possessing diplomas of 2 prestigious European universities the graduates have a broader range of options for career-building. This is an opportunity to improve foreign language skills, explore the profession on a global scale and build contacts with multiple industry professionals outside Latvia.

  • Partners

    Turiba has become the first university in the Baltic and Scandinavian region to receive the accreditation from the UN World Tourism Organisation and the high evaluation of internationally recognised experts. The Tourism and Hospitality Business Administration Programme has received the WTO TedQual Certificate.

  • Labour Market

    The future economic growth depends largely on new specialists and therefore their ability to successfully integrate themselves in the labour market is a key factor. The graduates of Turiba University not only successfully develop their businesses and integrate in the labour market in multiple areas of the national economy, but also take different posts in state and local government institutions.

  • Business Coworking Space & Practical Training

    Turiba University offers its students an opportunity to start a business while studying! The University runs an enhanced and upgraded Business Coworking Space - Turiba Business HUB where the students not only may register the official address of their businesses, carry out their activities there, arrange for meetings and keep their documents, but also improve their services provided. More


  • 07.12.2016

    Students of Communication Faculty celebrate Saint Nicolas day (2)
    The event of Communication faculty students started with Saint Nikolas's (lecturer Nikolajs Ozolins) speech. Communication people have to celebrate this day of their patron on 6th of December. More


    The student of Turiba University- the best player of 2nd division in November! (2)
    Arnis Ate, the 4th year student of Turiba University, is found the MVP in November of 2nd division of Latvian Baketball League.  More


    Guests in Turiba- students and heads of University of Netherlands. (9)
    43 students, stuff and heads of TIO University visited Turiba University on 1st December. The guest lecture to students of Turiba and TIO University was given by Indra Freiberga- representative of Embassy of Netherlands in Latvia. More


    Your opinion is important to us- participate in the students' survey! (7)
    Students of Turiba University! You are welcome to participate in the studnets' survey and to express your opinion about the quality of the study process, availability of study materials, technical support and other important, essential things. More


    Christmas ball on December 16 (13)
    Christmas is coming our way with big steps and it is the time for Christmas ball. More


    Charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’ (4)
    Christmas is a time of hope and miracles and that is why Turiba University Students’ Council already for the 11th time is organizing the charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’. More
  • 28.11.2016

    Pre-session event has successfully concluded (9)
    Thursday, on 24th November, Turiba University students joined together in a joint event, in order to have a little break and have fun before the big exams. More


    Winter graduation on 10th December! (8)
    We are glad to announce that winter graduation is coming soon. More


    Congratulations on the national celebration of Latvia! (4)
    Congratulations to all students and employees of Turiba University on 98th anniversary of Proclamation of Latvia and we wish that everyone in their hearts, thoughts and deeds would be together with Latvia! More


    Working hours during the Latvian Independence Day (11)
    Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Photo-copying, Library, Cafe Turība and Canteen Nīke-E during the Latvian Independence Day. More


    The most important event in November "Latvia" (7)
    November is a very special month for Latvians, because in this month we mark the Latvian Independence Day. We, Students’ Council of Bussiness University Turība, want to celebrate it together with you! More


    Invitation to attend the pre-session event (7)
    This November has come with dreamy light colors, but for Turiba students this is the month where we can be the most colorful and wildest, before the exams start. More
  • 10.11.2016

    Introduction lecture for International students "Latvia, traditions, culture and people" (4)
    Lesson will take place on 10.11.2016. at 16:00, building C room 120. More


    Invitation to attend additional English language course (22)
    With a support of Turiba University Administration and Vice Rector of Academic affairs there are additional ENGLISH short term courses are being organized. More


    Public lecture about the brand and image of Latvia as a tourist destination (8)
    Everybody is kindly welcomed to participate in a guest lecture, organized by the Language department of Turiba university on 9.11.2016, at 14:30 in Room A101. More


    First project meeting of Erasmus+ Strategic partnership (7)
    Partners from all participating Universities – experienced mediation experts, education specialists and professional mediators met in Riga in order to discuss future cooperation. More


    Kick-off Meeting of the New Erasmus+ project „ Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” in Murska Sobota, Slovenia (5)
    The meeting started with a warm welcome by the Director of Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota. More


    Get your ribbon of flag at Study Information Centre! (2)
    Very fast are coming two  of our country's most important celebrations - Lacplesa Day and Independence Day of Latvia. More
  • 07.11.2016

    The first Diwali festival in Turiba (3)
    On Sunday, October 30th, Diwali festival held place in Turiba University organized by the Students' Council of Turiba University and international students. More


    International Gastronomy month (1)
    On the 2nd November already began the first International Gastronomy month day and the first who presented their countries were Slovakia and the Czech Republic. More


    Learn English has successfully concluded! (6)
    Final of the BA „Turiba” Learn English tournament was held on November 2nd, where we found the best English speakers in our highschool. More


    International Conference: Peaceful coexistence - the role of “new-comers” and existing immigrants in Latvia (7)

    Presentations mainly can cover topics such as: The role of immigrants in the host society for better understanding; The role of new -comers in inclusion and exclusion in the society; How to foster active participation of immigrants in the society.



    Join to the joint work at Children's Clinical University Hospital’s area! Date changed! (26)
    On 28th October- already the sixth year in a row students of  faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University will continue the established tradition  - will work in joint work at Children's Clinical University Hospital’s area. More


    You are welcome to use electronic database collections offered by ProQuest (47)
    ProQuest electronic database collections are available at library of Turiba University. More
  • 20.10.2016

    Apply for the first international Kickstarter hackathon in the Baltic States (13)
    All students have the opportunity to apply to the first international Kickstarter hackathon in the Baltic States until 26 October. It is going to take place on 28 October in Turiba University.


    Learn English tournament (16)
    Is English your passion? Are you ready to prove your knowledge? Come and take a part in the tournament! More


    Discussion “Tourism Ethics” will be held on October 19 (13)
    On October 19th, at 16.00 at Turiba StartUp hotel, room C302 will be held discussion “Tourism Ethics”. Discussion is organized by the International Tourism Faculty Tourism Research Center of Turiba University and is second discussion of the study year, aiming to disclose various aspects of tourism industry. More


    Competition for Erasmus+ Programme in Spring Semester of academic year 2016/2017 has concluded (8)
     Thankfulness to all of the students who applied and congratulations to those students who have gained the opportunity to study in one of our partner universities! More


    Competition for double degree programme in Spring Semester of academic year 2016/2017 has concluded (15)
    Thankfulness to all of the students who applied and congratulations to those students who have gained the opportunity to study in our partner university! More


    Competition for bilateral programme in Spring Semester of academic year 2016/2017 has concluded (9)
    Students being announced are invited to the informative meeting on October 19th  at 4 pm in auditorium C206. More
  • 11.10.2016

    Strength day in Turiba! (25)

    We are all young and beautiful, but how physically prepared are we? Everyone will have the chance to test it at Strength day in Turiba.



    International conference “Fostering Active Participation Among the Youth of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds” will take place (9)
    On the 14th and 15th of  October 2016, at the University Latvia in the faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art will take place international conference “Fostering Active Participation Among the Youth of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds”. More


    International Full time students are welcome to apply for Latvian language course (7)
    In frame of the course students can learn basic Latvian. Lessons start on 24.10.2016 and course is free of charge. More


    Announcement of the Competition in Studies of Erasmus+ Program (8)
    According to Clause 2.6 of the Regulation on Studies and Internship in Erasmus+ program, competition for 16 study places and scholarships in Erasmus+ program has been announced in the 2nd semester of the study year 2016/2017. More


    Announcement to Apply for Studies in Bilateral Exchange Programs (7)
    According to concluded bilateral and inter-university agreements and Clause 2.6 of the Regulation on the Study Procedure for Double Degree Studies and Bilateral Exchange Programs, competition for 20 study places in bilateral exchange programs in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2016/2017 has been announced. More


    Announcement to Apply for Competition in Studies of Double Degree Program (6)
    According Clause 2.5 of the Regulation on the Study Procedure for Double Degree Studies, competition for 3 study places in double degree programs in the spring semester of the academic year 2016/2017 has been announced. More