Prospective students

Prospective students

  • International Environment

    Turiba University provides the possibility of studying together with students from all over the world or to go abroad for exchange of experience! Turiba University students represent 26 countries globally and they have applied for studies at all study levels delivered by the University by gaining expertise under the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree study programmes.

  • Campus

    The University comprises contemporary premises for studies, an up-to-date library and a student campus — the Youth Hostel a sports hall, two catering units, free-time occupation areas as well as other establishments required in the daily life of students. Lectures are held in convenient and newly repaired auditoriums, and the students can daily make use of a free WiFi.

  • Double Degree Programmes

    Studying for a certain period at Turiba and in one of the 77 partner universities to acquire a degree from 2 universities. Possessing diplomas of 2 prestigious European universities the graduates have a broader range of options for career-building. This is an opportunity to improve foreign language skills, explore the profession on a global scale and build contacts with multiple industry professionals outside Latvia.

  • Partners

    Turiba has become the first university in the Baltic and Scandinavian region to receive the accreditation from the UN World Tourism Organisation and the high evaluation of internationally recognised experts. The Tourism and Hospitality Business Administration Programme has received the WTO TedQual Certificate.

  • Labour Market

    The future economic growth depends largely on new specialists and therefore their ability to successfully integrate themselves in the labour market is a key factor. The graduates of Turiba University not only successfully develop their businesses and integrate in the labour market in multiple areas of the national economy, but also take different posts in state and local government institutions.

  • Business Coworking Space & Practical Training

    Turiba University offers its students an opportunity to start a business while studying! The University runs an enhanced and upgraded Business Coworking Space where the students not only may register the official address of their businesses, carry out their activities there, arrange for meetings and keep their documents, but also improve their services provided. More


  • 14.07.2016

    Tuition fee discount "Students' Council" (5)
    We would like to thank everyone, who has helped to enrich the student life in Turiba University and has been a part of the Students' Council's active work and achievements. More


    UNeECC news (7)
    Since January 2014 Turiba University has been a member of the University Network of European Cultural Capitals. More


    The list of winners of the competition for scholarships and stipends (8)
    We are publishing the list of winners of the competition for scholarships and stipends for 2016/2017 academic year. More


    Turiba University - TOP5 suggestions of employers (5)
    Turiba University is ranked in TOP5 of suggested schools and study programs of employers. More


    Association "Entrepreneurs of Marupe" concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University (28)
    The association "Entrepreneurs of Marupe" signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University on 30th June. More


    Final phase of the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” (6)
    A number of activities aimed at presenting and disseminating the project outcomes were carried out during the final phase of the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff”. More
  • 28.06.2016

    The list of applicants for scholarships and stipends has been published (4)
    We are publishing the list of applicants of the competition for scholarships and stipends for academic year 2016/2017. More


    Greetings on celebration of "Līgo" or Midsummer feast! (4)
    Joyfull and active Ligo celebration. More


    Working hours during the midsummer holidays (2)
    Be informed about the working hours during the midsummer holidays. More


    304 new professionals join to the troop of graduates (3)
    This year the summer graduation at Turiba University happened on 11th June and 304 new professionals joined to the troop of graduates. More


    Changes of parking lots in territory of Turiba University (2)
    Taking care of safety of students, employees and guests of Turiba University, the parking lots in the territory of the university are separated by a barrier. More


    Summer graduation- on 11th June! (0)
    With a great happiness we can announce that summer graduation is coming soon! More
  • 25.05.2016

    You are welcomed to attend the scientific evening "Responsibility, irresponsibility and the media" (7)
    The scientific evening “Responsibility, irresponsibility and the media” will be held in the library of Turiba University on 31st May at 17:00.


    Library working hours (6)
    Pay attention to the library working hours during the summer. More


    SP Formāts International for this month has arrived! (6)
    Inside this issue find some useful advice about preparing for summer. More


    The entrance in the Business Incubator is with an electronic chip card since 1st May (1)
    The electronic chip card is available only to members of the Business Incubator. More


    The library of Turiba University offers trial databases (1)
    We invite you to try trial electronic databases. More


    Project partner meeting in Genoa, Italy (3)
    The forth meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” was held in Genoa, Italy. More
  • 05.05.2016

    Non-cash settlements are being extended in Turiba University (0)
    Following to the current trends of settlements in Latvia and in the world, non-cash settlements are being extended in Turiba University. More


    Greetings on 4th of May (1)
    Fourth of May is a public holiday when we celebrate The restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia. More


    Working Hours Within May Holidays (1)
    Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Library, Cafe Turība and Canteen Nīke-E within May holidays. More


    Get a knowledge of Alternative Geopolitical Scenarios (49)
    Polish scholar Piotrs Zazula , a specialist in American Studies and Communication Studies, currently employed at school WWSIS-Horyzont in Poland, will present his vision about Alternative Geopolitical Scenarios. More


    Practice Week (16)
    As it is commonly known Turiba University do really cares about its students’ academic life. More


    Today: Conference “Cross-Border Developments of Mediation to Foster European Wide Settlement of Disputes” (50)
    Turiba University invites you to the international conference on topical mediation issues. More
  • 26.04.2016

    AIESEC in Latvia Will Host First Youth Speak Forum in Riga (31)
    While the Youth Speak Forum has already taken place in several locations worldwide, it will be the first one in Latvia. More


    The awards ceremony of the Turiba University- Annual Award “Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence.” has taken place (24)
    The second awards ceremony of the Turiba University- Annual Award “Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence” took place yesterday, on 21st April. More


    Changes of the timetable of lecture times on weekdays (26)
    Starting the new academic year of 2016./2017. the lecture times will be changed. More


    The database SAGE Management & Organization Studies collection is available in the library of Turiba University (25)
    We are informing that the electronic database SAGE Management & Organization Studies collection is available in the library of Turiba University. More


    Time for theatre! (26)
    Students interested in performance are welcome to meet the art director Zigrida Ezerina.  Lets organise a theatre troupe together! The meeting will be held on April 19 at 10 AM . Room C321. More


    Spring mystery (23)
    The event will take place on the 21st of April at club „9. VILNIS”. More
  • 15.04.2016

    SP Formāts International has arrived (23)
    Inside it you can find useful advice about great places to see during your free time and information about the biggest annual cleanup in Latvia. More


    Health and wellness day on 16th April (37)
    The second Health and wellness day will take place in the premises of Turiba University on Saturday- 16th April. More


    International experts: There is too big governmental intervention in business processes in Latvia (38)
    Turiba University on 31st March held an XVII International Scientific conference "Competitive companies in competitive country". More


    The competition for Erasmus+ scholarships for internship abroad has concluded (26)
    The competition for Erasmus+ scholarships for internship abroad has concluded. More


    It was a sunny day in Līvu Akvaparks! (28)
    On a sunny and beautiful Thursday afternoon, on March 17, more than 450 students had a great time in aqua park „Līvu Akvaparks” and gathered strenght and positive emotions before the session. More


    Erasmus+ Scholarships for Internships Abroad (36)
    The competition for 20 scholarships for Internship under the Erasmus+ programme for the 2nd semester of the academic year 2015/2016 shall hereby be announced. More