Prospective students

Prospective students

  • XIX International Scientific Conference

    On April 19 XIX International Scientific Conference will be held at Turiba University. Welcome to join!




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  • Partners

    Turiba has become the first university in the Baltic and Scandinavian region to receive the accreditation from the UN World Tourism Organisation and the high evaluation of internationally recognised experts. The Tourism and Hospitality Business Administration Programme has received the WTO TedQual Certificate.

  • International Environment

    Turiba University provides the possibility of studying together with students from all over the world or to go abroad for exchange of experience! Turiba University students represent 26 countries globally and they have applied for studies at all study levels delivered by the University by gaining expertise under the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree study programmes.

  • Campus

    The University comprises contemporary premises for studies, an up-to-date library and a student campus — the Youth Hostel a sports hall, two catering units, free-time occupation areas as well as other establishments required in the daily life of students. Lectures are held in convenient and newly repaired auditoriums, and the students can daily make use of a free WiFi.

  • Business Coworking Space & Practical Training

    Turiba University offers its students an opportunity to start a business while studying! The University runs an enhanced and upgraded Business Coworking Space - Turiba Business HUB where the students not only may register the official address of their businesses, carry out their activities there, arrange for meetings and keep their documents, but also improve their services provided. More

  • Double Degree Programmes

    Studying for a certain period at Turiba and in one of the 77 partner universities to acquire a degree from 2 universities. Possessing diplomas of 2 prestigious European universities the graduates have a broader range of options for career-building. This is an opportunity to improve foreign language skills, explore the profession on a global scale and build contacts with multiple industry professionals outside Latvia.

  • Turiba University 25

    Every great story is based on an idea. Similarly, with a company - in order to create something special, important for society, a clear vision and purpose is needed to offer a product or a new, innovative solution that will meet the needs of a particular group of people. More..


  • 16.03.2018

    Students' Council invites to "Dzimumballe" (0)
    March promises low temperatures ... But this also brings the most popular and traditionally richest event of the Univeristy of Economics and Culture - the Dzimumballe (Valentine's Day, Men's Day and Women's Day all together). More


    Marketing Workshop (0)
    Come to the Marketing Workshop, which is happening on the 20th of March, at C304 at 18:30. You will hear 3 amazing lecturers - Zane Kalniņa, Jānis Gavars and Gundars Strazdiņš. More


    Turiba University takes part in ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism expo (2)
    ITB Berlin is the largest industry fair in the world devoted to tourism. It is a great way to find out about the latest trends in the tourism industry, establish high-quality contacts with customers and prospective partners in any business niche. More


    The competition for studies in the bilateral exchange programme (7)
    Full time students of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd study years of the professional bachelor’s study programmes and full time students of the 1st study year of the professional master’s (postgraduate) study programmes  is  eligible to participate in the competition. More


    The competition for studies in the double degree programme (5)
    Students, who wish to apply for study places in the bilateral exchange programme shall submit their applications by e-mail. More


    The competition for studies under the Erasmus+ programme (3)
    Students of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd study years of the professional bachelor’s study programme and students of the 1st study year of the master’s (postgraduate) study programmes is eligible to participate in the competition. More
  • 05.03.2018

    Student and employers MEETUP (5)
    For the first year, Turiba University will provide its students and graduates the opportunity to get acquainted with their future employers and find out more about internship possibilities. More


    Mediation teachers’ training in Vilnius! (19)
    From 13th until 17th of February Mykolas Romeris University hosted training of teachers specialising in mediation subject. This training was organised in frame of ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership project, coordinated by Turiba University More


    Embassy of India, Sweden, Latvia is organizing a meet and greet event for the Indian Students! (15)
    Is organizing a meet and greet event for the Indian Students studying in Latvia.
    All the Indian students studying in Latvia are cordially invited to the event More


    Consular Camp on February 17th (16)
    The Embassy of India, Stockholm will be organising a Consular Camp for Indians residing in Riga and adjoining towns on 17th February 2018 from 10.00 AM to 16.00 PM. More


    Turiba University invites International students to participate in Summer school (25)
    Turiba University invites International students to participate in Summer school in Riga this summer. Students from several countries can apply for scholarship. More


    Library of Turiba University received the book „European and National Perspectives on the Application of the European Insolvency Regulation” (16)
    Yesterday, library of Turiba University received the book „European and National Perspectives on the Application of the European Insolvency Regulation” which was published in cooperation of different Universities and organisations in frame of European Union project. More
  • 07.02.2018

    New foreign students start their studies at Turiba University (24)
    On Friday, 2nd February, new foreign students of winter admission started their studies at Turiba University More


    Latvian Goverment Scholarships for foreign students! (10)
    Latvian government offers scholarships for bachelor (except 1st year students) and master level students for studies at Latvian Higher education institutions (HEI). Both – new applicants and foreign students already studying in Turiba are welcome to apply. At the moment of application student must have completed full first study year of bachelor studies More


    Students of Faculty of International Tourism had MICE field study in Riga (8)
    First and second year master students of Faculty of International Tourism had a field study on 31st January, where they got acquainted with companies and hotels which offers MICE services in Riga: National Library of Latvia, Radisson Blue Daugava Hotel and Bellevue Park Hotel Riga. More


    Apply for Participation at Lattelecom Riga Marathon in the Team of „Turiba TURBO” Until 22nd February! (6)
    Turiba TURBO” also this year will take part at Lattelecom Riga Marathon by starting at the mini marathon distance (6 km), but if you feel strong enough to run 10 km distance, you can defend the honour of the team „Turiba TURBO” at this distance! More


    Upgraded car parking payment equipment will be installed in Turiba! (6)
    On February 5 this year, Turiba's car park will remove payment devices to be upgraded... More


    Survey’s data shows that 97% of graduates of Turiba are employed (5)
    Everyone wants to live well and be happy. Success in a market economy is not a self-aim, but it is the most effective tool how to fulfill their desires. The graduates of Turiba, who are more than  14 000, have understood and been able to discover how to develop their talents and apply the knowledge gained in lectures at university More
  • 22.01.2018

    Cultural Exam – BAT SP Honorary member masterclass! (12)
    Members of Turiba University’s Students’ Council’s Culture and Sports department haven’t forgotten about proven values and invites you to the Cultural Exam – BAT SP Honorary member masterclass More


    Council elections 2018! (19)
    The New Year starts not only with a new Board, but also with a new Council, so, student, this is exactly your chance to express your opinion and to represent not only your own, but also other students' interests, becoming a part of the new  Council of 2018 More


    The board of the Students Council 2018 has been elected (16)
    On 10th Jaunuary, was the election of the board of the Students Council of Turiba University, where the board of the Students Council 2018 was elected. More


    Opening session for Winter Intake students 2018 (5)
    Turiba University would like to invite all International full time Winter intake students to Opening session More


    The election of the board of the Students Council (4)
    On Wednesday, on 10th January, at 18:00 o'clock will be the election of the board of the Students Council of Turiba University, where the board of the Students Council 2018 will be elected.  More


    Changes in working time (20)

    We are happy to announce that students have the opportunity to visit the reading room on weekdays and Saturday at any time convenient for them in the month of January this year. The working hours of the reader will be 24 hours a day.

    We wish creative spirit and  energy in learning!

  • 04.01.2018

    Get driving license category B (15)
    Driving school Mobilizing invites to apply for driving courses until January 22th. More


    Working Hours within Winter Holidays (25)
    Please be aware of university working hours during Christmas time. More


    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! (13)
    A song was heard at Christmas To wake the midnight sky: A saviour’s birth, and peace on earth, And praise to God on high. More


    Alise Timofejeva, the graduate of Turiba University, was awarded at the student's scientific research work competition (4)
    At Student’s Scientific Research Work competition in 2017, hosted by The Latvian investment and development agency, the reward was given to Alise Timofejeva, a graduate with a Professional Master’s degree in “Tourism Strategic Management’’. More


    The work on a new collective monograph "Organization Security" is continuing (9)
    In this project, where 3 universities collaborate are evaluated and improved security programs, exchanging experience and will be developed a collective monograph that will serve as a new and useful educational material for students. More


    188 Young Specialists Have Graduated Turiba Unversity (9)
    This year winter graduation in Turiba was held on 9 December and the group of graduates was joined by 188 graduates (including 17 international students). More
  • 07.12.2017

    Students from the Netherlands visited Turiba University (24)
    At the end of November 64 Dutch students from the University of TIO (NL) as well as several lecturers and managers of this educational institution visited Turiba University. More


    Take part in the Student Survey! (37)
    Use the opportunity to express your opinion about what matters to you! More


    Work on developing an on-line mediation mockup platform is continuing (27)
    In autumn 2016 Turiba University in collaboration  with 5 partner universities launched the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project. More


    Campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!” (20)
    Master students of public relations program invites every student, employee and guest of Turiba to participate in the book swap campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!” More


    Christmas ball is here! (29)
    Ready your dresses and suits! Christmas ball, one of the most anticipated events this year, is just around the corner! More


    Winter graduation on 9th December! (22)
    We are glad to announce that winter graduation is coming soon. This year the graduation will be held on 9th December at 6 PM at Turiba University conference hall. More