Scientific Conference

Conference dates: March 27, 2024

Conference venue: Face-to-face at the Turība University and Turiba Facebook page

Official languages: Latvian and English

XXV International Scientific Conference of Turiba University


The first decades of this century have been spent in the shadow of social, political, economic and environmental changes, which create new challenges for countries, organizations and societies and for each individual. The challenges we face on a daily basis create not only opportunities, but conditions in which the concept of security acquires completely new, previously unknown contours. We are currently in an era of insecurity, which requires appropriate action scenarios, technological solutions and changes in thinking.

The age of insecurity is characterized by risks that must be learned to anticipate, assess, manage and mitigate their possible negative effects. The ability to think outside of the usual solutions, the readiness to look for alternative solutions to unprecedented situations and the courage to create new approaches, models and action scenarios is the task of the moment, which aims to ensure future growth in all areas affecting public safety and well-being.

This year, Turiba University's conference is organized by the Faculty of International Tourism. However, the conference's theme will be interesting for any entrepreneur, lecturer or student. The event will delve into challenges within the business environment and broader development topics.
During the morning plenary session, professionals and lecturers from diverse industries will share insights and engage in discussions about the current challenges in Latvia that every entrepreneur and member of society encounters.
In the afternoon, the work will continue in the thematic sessions, where researchers and students will present their research and industry news.

Section topics

  • Tourism and hospitality in times of change
  • The rule of law and security in Europe
  • Communication in the age of insecurity
  • Business environment risks and growth
  • Information technology solutions and response to insecurity
  • Health Care



The working language of the conference plenary session is English. The working languages of the sections are English and Latvian.


Participation in the conference is free of charge. It is possible to participate in the conference both as a listener and with your article or presentation.

It is possible to participate in the conference:

• as a listener;
• with the conference article and present it in the afternoon session of the conference;
• only with the conference article;
• only with presentation.


Any student, teacher, industry professional, entrepreneur can participate IN Conference as a listener. We invite you to register for participation in the conference until 22.03.2024.

We also ask teachers and students of the Turiba University to register. If you are a lecturer of Turiba and plan to attend the conference with a group of students as part of your lecture, please indicate this in the registration form. In this case, students do not need to register for the conference separately.


When you apply for the conference, you are offered several options to make the results of your research public:

• Participate in the conference with a presentation in one of thematic afternoon sessions;
• Participate in the conference with a presentation and a submitted conference article, which will be published in the Conference proceedings;
• Participate in the conference with a submitted conference article for Conference proceedings, without the presentation;
• Participate in the conference with a presentation and a journal article that will be published in ACTA PROSPERITATIS;
• Submit a journal article to be published in ACTA PROSPERITATIS without a presentation.

Presentation in afternoon session (without article)

By applying for an oral presentation, you will have the opportunity to speak in the conference afternoon session corresponding to the topic of your presentation. Presentation is possible on0site or on-line. Presentation language – Latvian or English.

Conference article

You are welcome to submit your article for publication in the Conference proceedings. Language - Latvian or English.

Deadline for submission of conference articles:

  • The summary of the article (1400-1600 characters, including spaces) must be submitted by February 1, 2024.
  • The full text of the article (volume does not exceed 40,000 characters, including spaces) must be submitted by March 1, 2023.

Requirements for conference articles:

Requirements for conference articles in Latvian are available HERE.
Requirements for conference articles in English are available HERE.
The articles submitted to the conference will be collected and published in the Conference Proceedings, which will be published on the university's website with the ISSN number.

An article for the Conference Proceedings must be submitted on the EasyChair platform.


Every year after the conference, Turiba University publishes the journal ACTA PROSPERITATIS. We invite you to submit your article for publication in this journal.

ACTA PROSPERITATIS written language - English.

Deadline for submitting journal articles: April 1, 2024.

Submitted journal articles will be evaluated by the scientific board of the Conference, and the best articles will be selected for publication in the journal ACTA PROSPERITATIS. Journal articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.

ACTA PROSPERITATIS with ISBN number is indexed in more than 20 internationally cited databases, including EBSCO, ERIH PLUS, Dimensions, Google Scholar, ProQuest.

The requirements for journal articles can be found here:

Journal articles can be submitted on this platform as well.


Every year, as part of the conference, the students of Turiba University are also invited to present their research papers. In the afternoon, a separate session is organized specifically for students, where students present their works.

The deadline for the application of the topic of the research papers: February 16, 2024.

Deadline for submission full research paper: March 15, 2023.

Requirements for Students' research papers are available HERE.

Students are also asked to fill out the registration form for the conference, indicating their research paper topic and information on whether they will attend the plenary session.

In case of questions, please contact the head of the student session, Iveta Linina:


Online stream of the conference will be available in Turiba Facebook page

Certificates will be issued for participation in the conference. We will issue certificates ONLY for on-site participants of the plenary session and the participants of the sessions, those who will present the articles (on-site and on-line).


Regarding participation in the conference as listeners:
Regarding participation with conference articles:
Regarding participation with article in ACTA PROSPERITATIS journal:

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