The Law of Scientific Activity stipulates that the promotion rights in a certain scientific field may be delegated to a higher education institution if it meets three following conditions: an accredited doctoral study program is implemented in the university, at least three experts approved by the Latvian Council of Science (LCS) are involved in the implementation of the program, and LCS has provided an opinion on the possibility of a higher education institution to delegate promotion rights in the relevant field of science.

Turība University has been delegated with the rights to grant doctoral scientific degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, Media and Communication field and Law Science.

Permanent Promotion Council in Economics and Entrepreneurship:

  • Dr.oec. Rosita Zvirgzdiņa, Turība University;
  • Dr.paed. Ineta Lūka, Turība University;
  • Daina Vasiļevska, Turība University;
  • Dr.oec. Dzintra Atstāja, BA School of Business and Finance;
  • Dr.oec. Biruta Sloka, University of Latvia;
  • Dr.habil.oec. Baiba Rivža, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology;
  • Dr.psych. Irēna Kokina, University of Daugavpils;
  • Dr.oec. Iveta Liniņa, Turība University.

Permanent Promotion Council in Media and Communication field:

  • Dr.phil. Velga Vēvere, University of Latvia; – chairman;
  • Ph.D. Renata Matkevičienė, Vilnius University (Lithuania);
  • Dr.phil. Gregory Simons, Uppsala University (Sweden);
  • Dr.phil., Jurģis Šķilters, University of Latvia;
  • PhD Linda Saulīte, Riga Technical University;
  • Renāte Cāne, Turiba University
  • Anda Rozukalne, Rīga Stradiņš University

Permanent Promotion Council in Law Science:

  • Dr.iur. Jānis Načisčionis, Turība University, chairman;
  • Dr.iur. Una Skrastiņa, Turība University, deputy chairman;
  • Dr.iur. Ingrīda Veikša, Turība University;
  • Dr.iur. Jānis Teivāns-Treinovskis, University of Daugavpils;
  • Dr.iur. Vitolds Zahars, University of Daugavpils;
  • Dr.iur. Ivars Kronis, Rīga Stradiņš University;
  • Dr.iur. Jānis Grasis, BA School of Business and Finance;
  • Dr.iur. Vladas Tumalavičius, Military Academy of Lithuania;
  • Dr.iur. Gatis Litvins, Turība University.

Council of Professors in Social Sciences

  • Prof. Rosita Zvirgzdiņa, Turiba University - chair
  • Prof. Ineta Lūka, Turiba University
  • Prof. Daina Vasiļevska, Turiba University
  • Prof. Iveta Liniņa, Turiba University
  • Prof. Zane Driņķe, Turiba University
  • Prof. Renata Matkevičienė, Turiba University
  • Prof. Dzintra Atstāja, Rīga Stradiņš University
  • Prof. Inese Lūsēna – Ezera, Liepaja University
  • Representatives of professional organizations:
  • Lolita Stašāne, Latvian Public Relations Association

Doctoral council

The composition of the Doctoral Council:

  • Dr.iur., professor Jānis Načisčionis – chairman of the Council;
  • Daina Vasiļevska – Vice Rector for Science and Academic Affairs;
  • Dr.oec., professor Rosita Zvirgzdiņa, director of the joint Daugavpils University and Turība University program of Doctoral studies "Management Science";
  • Dr.oec. Zane Driņķe – Dean of Faculty of Business Administration;
  • Ph.D. Jolanta Derkevica-Pilskunga – director of the program of Doctoral studies “Communication Management”;
  • Leading researcher Una Skrastiņa, director of the program of Doctoral Studies “Law Science”;
  • Ivita Kīsnica – lecturer, secretary of the Council.

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