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Turība University Alumni Club is a non-governmental organization founded by Turība University Alumni with the aim to create and strengthen graduates 'mutual ties and connections with the University, support the implementation of graduates' creative ideas and participate in society development processes.

The club is designed to promote contacts - friendship, science, innovation and cooperation, as well as to improve knowledge by organizing seminars, forums, guest lectures, exchange of experience, etc. Membership in the club also means support for Turība University through social partnership and the experience of graduates, promoting the prestige of the education obtained at the university.

Why get involved?

  • Free seminars on current topics: digital marketing, leadership development, team building and leadership, time planning, personal development, etc. (frequency 1x in two months).
  • Guest lectures of opinion leaders - meetings with various opinion leaders in a narrow circle, not in mass guest lectures, with opportunities to ask questions of interest to you (frequency once in two months).
  • Contact network “Graduate for graduate” - by submitting information about your occupation to the university, it is possible to join the graduate contact network. Offer your services and find out what other graduates offer! Opportunity to gain new customers and support other graduates.
  • Alumni Day - an annual event for which a different theme is chosen each time. The day is spent in a creatively entertaining atmosphere, exchanging contacts, as well as listening to a guest lecture by an opinion leader, participating in a creative seminar or valuable training.

Goals of the Alumni Club:

  • to unite the graduates of Turība University in order to create and develop an environment for the improvement and education of the graduates' personality, exchange of information and experience, formation of professional and personal contacts;
  • to enrich Turība University with graduates' knowledge, experience and resources;
  • to promote the development of Turība University and to promote its progress towards excellence by increasing the value of Turība University diploma and promoting the growth of the country as a whole.

Join and gain valuable knowledge and contacts!

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