Specialization "Digital and multimedia communication" of the program "strategic communication management"

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Degree awarded: Professional Master's Degree in Public Relations
Qualification awarded: Head of Strategic Communication
Duration: 1,5 or 2 years
Study language: English
Internship: In public relations and communication companies, ministries and other state and local government institutions

Specialization "Digital and multimedia communication" of the program "strategic communication management"

If you want to become a strategically strong and competent communication professional, be knowledgeable in the digital environment and navigate the most current news related to social media, digital platforms and influencers, then the specialization "Digital and multimedia communication" of the professional master's study program "Strategic communication management" of Turība University is meant for you!

This specialization of the Master's study program helps students to improve and supplement their knowledge of public relations management, crisis management, international communication and strategic planning and management of communication and reputation management. Also great emphasis is placed on digital skills, the development of various competencies directly in social networks, influencers and various related aspects. Students will not only learn to communicate but will also be able to think of strategic development steps and solutions. That is why study courses are created with the aim of covering various industries that interact with each other.

Within the program you will learn such study courses as "Strategic communication management in a multimedia environment", "Digital communication and social media marketing", "Graphic design and visualization", "Communication psychology" and others.
In 2021 the Communication creative room "DigiCom" was also opened in the Communication Field, where multimedia skills can also be learned practically.

- Full time study in the day
60 KP/80 KP (90/120 ECTS)
Study location:

Career opportunities

  • Owner and head of a public relations and communication company;
  • Head of strategic communication department;
  • Head of the public relations or communication department in a company, ministry, state agency or non-governmental organization;
  • Politician or civil servant;
  • Communication expert/consultant.

Program content

The official content of the study program can be viewed HERE.

The duration of the study program depends on the previously acquired higher education. If you have obtained a professional bachelor's degree in the relevant field, the amount of the study program is 60 KP. If you have obtained an academic bachelor's degree or a professional bachelor's degree in another field, then the amount of the study program is 80 KP.

Study year 1

You will acquire knowledge, skills and competence in managing public relations and communication. You will be able to conduct quality communication, resolve conflicts using lobbying technologies, represent the company's interests in various organizations and state institutions.

Study year 2

In practice, you will cooperate with such companies and institutions as SEB banka, Nordea banka, Swedbank, Olainpharm, TV3, Latvijas Radio, LR State Chancellery and ministries.

At the end of the studies, a master's thesis is developed - a scientific and practical study on a topic chosen by you, which will promote your career and growth in general.

For students who have previously obtained a professional bachelor's degree in public relations or communication, the studies last 1.5 years.

The content of the study program may be updated and altered during the studies, based on the requirements of the labor market and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Admission requirements

In order to enroll in the master's study program "Strategic Communication Management", the applicant must present a professional or academic bachelor's degree or professional qualification diploma.

Information about the admission process and rules can be found in the "Admission" section.

Leading teaching staff

Daina Škuškovnika
Daina Škuškovnika

Assoc. professor

Ieva Lejiņa
Ieva Lejiņa


Jolanta Derkevica - Pilskunga
Jolanta Derkevica - Pilskunga


Kristīne Tjarve
Kristīne Tjarve


Līga Mirlina
Līga Mirlina


Ph.D. Jolanta Derkevica-Pilskunga

Tel.: +371 26548036

E-mail: jolanta.derkevica-pilskunga@turiba.lv

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