History of Scientific conferences


XXIV International Scientific Conference of Turība University "Change - the basis of a sustainable society"

In today's dynamic environment of business and social processes, the legal and security sectors must not passively watch the changes in the surrounding conditions, which, moreover, have been particularly significant in recent years. Law institutes and security solutions must be able to cope with ever-new challenges, where yesterday's solutions are no longer even suitable for today, let alone tomorrow's needs. Solutions must be proactive - and therefore there is a need to discuss tomorrow's solutions.

For a year, we have been living in a time when the whole of Europe and the world are forced to remember the impact of World War 2 on basic values important to human life - food, shelter, sense of peace, security, development, etc. Well-thought-out and evaluated in a scientific environment, the security risks of the country, citizens and property and their prevention factors will allow the citizens to potentially feel safer and more powerfully promote the development of the country to full-fledged growth and national sustainability.

Collection of conference papers is available HERE.

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