New procedure for restrictions on the spread of Covid-19 virus from 1 April

As of April 1, new relief on restrictions on the spread of Covid-19 virus come into effect in the country. In compliance with them, the Turība University has also established a new procedure for limiting the spread of Covid-19 virus at the premises.

This procedure comes into force on April 1, the main changes are following:

  • it is not necessary to use face masks in the premises of the university
  • lessons take place in person, providing students with the opportunity to connect to the lesson remotely using the WEBEX platform
  • a vaccination or recovery certificate (a booster shot is not mandatory) is required for employees who come into contact with students and lecturers (except for foreign lecturers who do not come to Latvia)
  • Foreign students starting their studies in academic year 2022/2023, who need a visa to enter Latvia, participate in the study process remotely, using the WEBEX platform, until they receive a visa to enter Latvia.

During this academic year the study process will be organized as follows:

  • Lecturers, who can present a valid and verifiable vaccination certificate or recovery certificate, participate in the study process in person
  • In order to participate in the lesson remotely as a listener, using the WEBEX platform, students must register for the lesson in the information system BATIS by 8.00 on the day of the lesson
  • Classes are held in accordance with the schedule, which is available on the university's website and BATIS. Breaks are set at 15 minutes to ensure regular and adequate ventilation of the premises
  • Final examinations (final examinations and national examinations) are organized in person. The procedure for the regular examinations and the final examinations of the study course is determined by the lecturer of the study course.

When conducting face-to-face classes, the university provides ventilation of the premises and other hygiene and safety requirements. The study process at Turība University may be changed and planned in accordance with the conditions created by the epidemiological situation and public safety requirements. If the deterioration of the epidemiological situation is observed, the study process may be temporarily organized remotely.

Each student, lecturer and employee is obliged to follow their health condition and immediately inform about the detected case of Covid-19 virus - the student by sending information to e-mail:, while the lecturer and employee inform their supervisor.

If you notice any signs of an acute respiratory illness, you should contact your doctor, stay at home, follow the epidemiological guidelines set by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia and perform a routine screening test. In the case of a positive test, routine screening tests are also performed by people in contact with the person who has a positive Covid-19 test result.

Routine screening tests for testing lecturers, staff, students and Youth hostel tenants are available at the University Study Information Centre, the administration of the Youth hostel, branches and all structural units.
You can find out more about the procedure for limiting the spread of Covid-19 virus at the Turība University here.

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