Zane Driņķe, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, has been unanimously elected as the new Rector of Turība University.

The decision was made by the Constitutional Assembly of Turība University on May 24. Zane Driņķe will assume her new responsibilities starting from July 1 of this year. Meanwhile, the current long-standing Rector, Aldis Baumanis, will focus his efforts on strategic and representational matters as the Chairman of the Development Board of Turība University.

In response to the request of Rector Aldis Baumanis, the University Board recommended Zane Driņķe, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and Honorary Professor of Turība University, as the most suitable candidate for the position of Rector.

"Zane Driņķe has been associated with Turība University for 20 years, and during these years, she has demonstrated her knowledge, experience, professionalism, and strategic vision, which are crucial elements for successfully fulfilling the duties of the university rector and purposefully advancing the university towards achievements. In addition to rational aspects, emotional attachment to the Turība community is also essential, and the professor definitely possesses such attachment, being one of the leaders of Turība," emphasizes Imants Bergs, Chairman of the Board of Turība University.

The new Rector, while presenting her vision for the development and improvement of the study process, emphasized the crucial role of sustainable development, which needs to permeate all aspects of the university's operations - research and science, academic compliance, digitalization in the study process, improvement of study programs and methods, as well as mentor involvement in the study process. "I am honoured by the expressed trust and the opportunity given to me to continue developing and shaping the largest private university in the Baltics in accordance with the university's values - Freedom. Entrepreneurship. Competence. My main priorities and tasks will be excellent science, relevant studies, openness, and collaboration with industries," expressed Zane Driņķe.

Describing Turība University, Zane Driņķe pointed out that it is a business-oriented institution with a student-centric approach in relevant activities, incorporating business topics across all study disciplines. The study process is designed to maximize students' potential, making Turība a value-added university. In the coming years, she envisions Turība as a university that is always at the forefront of change - offering relevant study courses and methodologies, emphasizing the promotion of the international environment both locally and globally, and enhancing visibility in the international educational arena.

Zane Driņķe is also a member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Journals, a board member of the Latvian Direct Marketing Association, and a board member of the Turība Mentors Association.

In its 30 years of existence, Turība University has grown into the largest private university in the Baltic States, ranking among the top five largest universities in Latvia. Turība is a business-oriented and internationally focused university that incorporates business thinking across all study disciplines. The study process is designed to enable students to maximize their potential and development. More than 17,000 graduates have already completed their studies at the university.

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