The study process at Turiba from 11th October

In connection with the regulatory enactments on limiting the spread of Covid - 19 infection, the following modes of operation have been set for Turiba from October 11:

  • Safe mode - all present are vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 with the appropriate certificates. Face masks should be worn in the lecture rooms.
  • Unsafe mode - Vaccination, Recovery or Covid-19 Test Certificates are not checked (certificates are not verified). It is possible to operate only with the strict observance of all the epidemiological safety restrictions;

Onsite classes shall take place in a safe mode and persons who can present a valid and verifiable Vaccination or Recovery Certificate may participate in the study process.
Persons who are unable to present a valid and verifiable Vaccination or Recovery Certificate or who have medical contraindications to vaccination, shall participate in lessons remotely according to the timetable using the WEBEX platform.
In order to participate in lessons the person must register for the lesson on the information system BATIS by 8.00 on the day of the lesson.

The Safe mode is deemed to be in operation on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the C building, in all auditoriums, library reading room and subscription desk, JTM (Youth Hostel) premises, sports complex, Business Incubator and work premises, where there is no reception of clients.
The Unsafe mode is in operation in all other rooms and premises that are not listed under the Safe mode.

! Persons under self-isolation, home quarantine or strict isolation conditions, or with signs of respiratory infection must not enter or be on Turiba premises.

The study process at Turiba can be changed in the future and planned in accordance with the conditions set by the epidemiological situation and public safety requirements.

Along with the presentation of the relevant Certificate, an identity document - passport or identity card or residence permit for foreign students - must be presented.
The Certificate can be presented electronically (as a QR code image or PDF on a smart device) or in printed format.

! We request each and every one of you to be responsible and comply with safety as well as hygiene requirements. If you have any signs of Covid - 19 infection, please do not visit Turiba University in person and contact your GP and test for Covid - 19 if necessary.

If you have any questions, be sure to write to us
We will contact you very soon!
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