SPINTeams university alliance partners meet in Riga and invite students to participate in a business idea competition

SPINTeams university alliance partners meet in Riga and invite students to participate in a business idea competition.

On June 5th and 6th, SPINTeams projekt partners from 4 countries - Latvia, Spain, Italy, and Austria - visited Turība University. The partners planned various activities that will take place this year in autumn and will provide an opportunity for university students and other interested parties to actively engage in a business idea competition, educational and informational seminars and conferences.

The SPINTeams project brings together universities and chambers of commerce and industry from four different countries. The aim of this partnership is to improve entrepreneurial and business skills for young and potential entrepreneurs from universities, as well as support the development of start-up companies.

Over the past two years, this partnership has developed various useful educational materials for young entrepreneurs and business students. The website offers a webinar series on starting a business - 8 video recordings cover topics such as starting a business, marketing and innovation, legal aspects of entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, project financing, and international business development.

In the autumn of 2023, additional support materials will be published, including the handbook "Building Entrepreneurship Support Ecosystems in Universities" and the guide "Mentoring and Methods of Mutual Learning for Supporting New Entrepreneurs."

In the autumn, 5 teams from each partner university, including teams also from Turiba University, will participate in an international business idea competition, where students will present their business plans to an international jury and compete for a prize - participation in the Barcelona Entrepreneurship Event.

As part of this project, students use Rebelbase for developing their business ideas. Rebelbase is a unique international business plan development platform that helps structure one's business plan ideas and simultaneously offers various support and training materials. Turiba University lecturers have been using the Rebelbase platform in their study courses for the second year, where students are invited to develop their business plans as part of practical assignments.

If you also are interested to create your business plan with the help of the Rebelbase platform or if you have a business idea for which you are ready to develop a business plan by this autumn and participate in the international business idea competition, contact the project coordinator, Ieva Bruksle, a lecturer at Turiba University:

Turiba University is one of the 10 project partners. The project is co-funded by the European Union's ERASMUS+ program. For more information about the project, visit the website

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