Seizing the Potential: The Intensive Course as an Exceptional Opportunity for Students

On August 18th, a two-week-long international intensive course on security risk management concluded at Turiba University in Riga, Latvia. The course welcomed 33 students from 6 different countries, along with lecturers, experts, and industry professionals from 5 countries.

European countries are confronted with an array of challenges, including migration, cyber-attacks, organized crime, and other emerging issues. These challenges also have an impact on companies, businesses, and organizations. This underscores the importance of training security specialists capable of identifying, assessing, and effectively managing risks.

The course was organised in frame of ERASMUS+ partnership project called SECUREU. The aim of this project is to develop various digital teaching materials on security risk management. The SECUREU project has chosen to work with the structure of ISO 31000. This norm provides a standard for risk management which is internationally supported and recognised. Although this approach has never been tested in the field of security studies and practices, it has now been applied as the starting point for the modules to be developed in the field of security risk management for young security specialists, in order to make them better prepared for a crisis.

“I have learned that by using ISO 31000 you can carry out a security assessment of events and activities. This is advantageous when you have events or situations that cover a more international area. Safety assessments based on ISO 31000 provide a common understanding across national borders in Europe” tells Paul Bendikk Jama, security programme student from Nord University, Norway.

During the intensive course students had the opportunity to learn about security risk management, develop skills, and gain knowledge about planning and implementing security management in various organizations. Course also included practical activities such as close combat, shooting, various challenge team exercises, and other activities that can be crucial factors in real situations.

“I found the training format of the intensive course "Security Risk Management" very engaging. The studies were conducted in English, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and required a shift from my daily routine.
A significant benefit of this course was the development of English language skills and the acquisition of new knowledge in the field of security. It was astonishing to work on tasks with a group every day, where each participant was from a different country, necessitating not only consideration of task completion but also the ability to collaborate and communicate with representatives from other nations” says Andris Bernatovičs, Turiba University student of “Organisational security” bachelor study programme.

Students from all six SECUREU project partner countries took part in the course. For these students, it was a remarkable opportunity to enhance not only their professional skills but also their understanding of different countries and cultures. They gained valuable experience in collaborating within international groups, furthering their proficiency in teamwork.

“During the Intensive course I learned how to hold guns and use self-defence in a practical way. This course helped me to find a lot of international friends and learn about different cultures. This experience widened my point of view in different ways.
I’m more than happy, that I had an opportunity to participate and meet so many lovely people and hear interesting lecturers and their stories. Those memories will stay in my head and my heart for the rest of my life” tells Lidija Šukšterė, student from Kazmirias Simonavičius University, Lithuania.

Starting from year 2024, teaching materials on security risk management will be available to anyone interested. Already now on project website you can find 10 video lessons on different security and management topics. Learn more about security risk management here:

Every summer Turiba University is organising different Intensive course on such topics as security, sustainability, communication, business development and other. Follow the information on the webpage and don't miss your chance to participate in these extracurricular activities!

Project is financed by ERASMUS+ programme. Project number: 2021-1-LV01-KA220-HED-000023056.

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