Results of the Erasmus + program competition

The competition for studies in the Erasmus + program in the spring semester of the 2022/2023 academic year has ended. We thank all those who are interested for their response. We also congratulate all the winners listed below who have the opportunity to study in the spring semester at one of our partner universities! All the students named below will be sent an e-mail with a reference to the online seminar on Wednesday, October 19 pl. 14.00.

Faculty of Business Administration:

  • Mukunthan Balu BMAD122
  • Lukrēcija Plaude UVL2D1
  • Jisny Kannankery Enasy BMAD122
  • Beate Elīna Krišjāne UML1V1
  • Chidera Faustina Anu-Okeke UVA3D1
  • Līga Dambe BML1V1
  • Basil Rajan BMA1D1
  • Sricharan Teja Marru BMAD122
  • Kabilash Yogaraj UM1D2
  • Sagar Tomar UMA1D22
  • Dāgs Apsītis TVL2D1
  • Kiran Baby BMA1D1
  • Aman Razzak UMA1D22

Faculty of International Tourism:

  • Anastasiia Kovrizhnykh STA2D21
  • Anna Paula Purniņa STL2D1
  • Loreta Enija Blanka STL3S1

Communication study direction:

  • Yuliia Dudkina SKA2D21
  • Tatiana Belobrovko SKA2D1
  • Mariia Shymon SKA2D1
  • Lauma Strode PRL3S1
  • Ieva Rozentāle SKL3S1
  • Sabīne Alika SKL3D1
  • Oksana Bazeliuk SKA2D1
  • Ernests Voļskis PRL3D1
  • Elēna Krūmiņa SKL3D1
  • Regīna Elizabete Kadiķe PRL3D1

Information technology study direction:

  • Toms Mūrnieks CSA3D1

Faculty of Law:

  • Ramona Grāvelsīne-Vermauska TBL2D1
  • Keita Verdiana TBL2D1

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