NordTourNet-3 partner meeting at Turiba University

On 13th -14th September 2021, Turiba university held the first face-to-face project partner meeting, that took place in Riga, Latvia. Project partners form ERCC (Lithuania), Language department of Turiba University (Latvia) and Mexpert (Sweden) met to discuss the progress of the project.

NordTourNet-3 is NordPlus project the overall aim of which is to research communication problems and differences that might happen among employees and customers in tourism organisations between different generations active in the labour market (Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z) and to create a game, that might be useful for tourism industry employers and employees to train solving any problems that might occur in the future, and create a training material for adult educators.

The project started on 1 September 2020 and so far the project partners have held multiple semi-structured interviews with tourism business owners, employers and managing staff. The aim of the interviews was to find out communication problems between different generations, as well as to identify how employees of different generations communicate with customers from different generations, what communication tools they use and what kind of actions they take to solve the problems. The project partners have also done observation research that contains an observation of communication between different generations in tourism work environment (between customers, between customers and employees, between employees, etc.)

The agenda of the meeting covered presentation of interviews conducted, presentation of identified communication problems, discussions on the intercultural game to be created, administrative issues of the project, the next steps of the project and more.
The meeting was productive and very useful and all expected results have been achieved and the meeting was highly evaluated by project partners.

For more information on the project, please, visit

Elīza Liena Ļaksa
Project team member of Turiba University

The Project has been implemented with the support of NORDPLUS Adult education program. The project number: NPAD-2020/10015

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