In Turība opens LOGIN - a modern Logistics Management Creative Space

In cooperation with logistics companies, Turība's cooperation partners SIA Scania Latvia and SIA Miandum, at the beginning of the new academic year, the newly established Logistics Management Creative Space LOGIN was opened at Turība University.

"Logistics is a dynamic environment for young people who are looking for challenges with the opportunity to prove themselves. An area with a wide range of growth opportunities, both locally and internationally. It is necessary to create logistics companies because this sphere without doubt has to develop, it is an opportunity for growth and profit. Students have a great opportunity in Turība ", says Didzis Mizis, a member of the board of SIA" Miandum "and a guest lecturer at Turība.

The people around you - employees, cooperation partners - are important for successful business development. Space is also important for boosting productivity. Professor Rosita Zvirgzdiņa, Director of the Business Logistics Management Program, points out that Turība's newly opened LOGIN will be a great place to make new contacts, gain experience and start successful cooperation. "This is a step forward in thinking about the future that is taking shape today. It is important for students to meet with industry professionals in a relatively free atmosphere, to touch reality through the logistics elements of LOGIN creative space - wooden pallet sofas, clocks with different real-times of different countries and others. I believe that this space will be the basis for new and successful cooperation in the long run. "

Didzis Mizis, a member of the Board of SIA Miandum, also expressed satisfaction and inspired those present, pointing out that the logistics sector is one of the major pillars of the world economy. "Entrepreneurs need to be with students in educational institutions and help to acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge so that future logistics professionals and entrepreneurs, after graduation, are ready to face new challenges and at the same time - a huge number of opportunities in the world of logistics."

Marta Kaktiņa, Marketing Project Manager of SIA Scania Latvia, encouraged those present, pointing out that as the economic environment in Latvia develops, three parties should cooperate: the state, educational institutions and entrepreneurs. "In general, economic movement is not possible without logistics, this is perfectly reflected by the time of the pandemic. It also shows the importance of high-quality logistics staff at all levels. That is our goal and that is what we must all strive for together - Turība is a great environment where students already work with reputable logistics companies during their internship, where there are potential opportunities for career development or asking for important and practical advice ”.

Students are satisfied with Turība's attitude, because with the creation of LOGIN, there is an even greater sense of belonging. "In Turība, we feel at home, a part of a family. This university practically takes care that every student receives the highest possible quality of education, and the attitude is simply great! We are grateful for that, ”says Linda Tinkusa, a 4th year student of the Business Logistics Management Program at the Turība University.

Logistics Management Creative Space LOGIN is a modern environment for Business Logistics Management students to meet like-minded people, future partners, professors and, of course, the best logistics professionals who will lead by example, inspire and help with practical advice for future logistics managers.

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