Blood Donor Day at Turiba University

On April 4th from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM in auditorium C302 Donor Day organized by the State Blood Donor Centre and Turiba University Student Council will take place!

The blood donor movement is an important part of the medical sector. In cases of severe illness, injury, complicated childbirth and other accidents that go hand in hand with a large loss of blood, nothing can save the life of a particular patient than a blood transfusion.

We invite everyone to take part in Donor Day, because remember, when you donate blood, you give someone the most precious gift of all - life! This year, international students are also invited to donate their blood.

What should I do to donate blood?
On the day of the blood donation, drink plenty of fluids and avoid fatty and spicy foods. Do not smoke or consume alcohol before donating. It is important to be well fed and rested, and remember to bring your ID (driving licence will not work!).

For more advice on what to do before and after donating blood, click here -

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