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Until February 1st, you can still manage to apply for professional studies in the bachelor's program "International Communication Management" and become an international communication expert! Studies are conducted in English, which means valuable and international contacts already during the studies, as well as the opportunity to improve language skills.

The “International Communication Management” program provides an opportunity to learn how to manage communication in an international environment. As a part of the program, you will learn how to plan, organize and manage organization's international communication, analyze information, target audiences and information channels, construct organization’s international communication ensuring trust in the values of the brand, analyze international communication risks, anticipate potential crises and engage in crisis management in an international environment, to promote public support for the organization's activities in an international environment. This is also a great opportunity to improve and develop your foreign language skills.

The program provides all courses required for international communication, including: international project management, integrated marketing communication, principles of government management, etiquette and protocol, crisis communication, international law, public speaking skills and others that will be useful in both professional and personal activities. While studying in this program, you can also choose courses related to sport projects or alternative marketing projects.

The International Communication Management study program is led by Jana Bunkus - a communication expert who has worked for more than ten years as a public relations specialist for a municipality, and for five years headed the Communication Department at the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, which governs the work of Corporation of Public Relations Specialists of the Latvian Local and Regional Governments. Jana Bunkus is a member of the Latvian Association of Public Relations Specialists and has been a member of the board of this organization.

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