Business Administration

Doctoral study program

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Degree awarded: Ph.D. in Economics and Business
Duration: 3 years
Study language: English

Business Administration

By acquiring the doctoral program in business administration, it is possible to improve one's knowledge, determination, creativity and ability to analyze, developing new approaches to business management. The knowledge and skills acquired will significantly increase the value of the personal brand in the labor market and is an important prerequisite for receiving a competitive salary. Ph.D. in Economics and Business opens the door for you and your business in Europe, and significantly broadens your choice of career path in business, government, municipality or higher education institution.

The aim of the study program is to prepare highly educated and professional specialists, making a significant contribution to the development of business and enterprises in Latvia and worldwide.

Within the framework of the doctoral program in business administration, you will acquire the latest competencies in business management, a critical creative approach to decision making and the ability to seek new knowledge, the ability to find causation, and thus new ways to develop business, experience and knowledge in development and implementation of new study program, as well as competency of scientific research work, an approach of a new level of management, and original ideas for business development.

The study program is accredited until August 5, 2027.

Lectures are held on individual schedules

Career opportunities

  • Opportunity to apply for the position of a docent, associate professor or professor;
  • Senior manager in state and municipal institutions;
  • Author of international research;
  • Business owner and manager.

Program content

Official content of the study program is available HERE.  

Study year 1

It will be possible to gain new competencies in business management, to study critical creative approach to decision making and the ability to seek new knowledge.

Study year 2

It is possible to develop the skill of finding causation and, consequently, find new ways of developing business. Participation in the implementation of study programs and real research will be given to test the hypothesis and to acquire the skills to prove the usefulness of the new values.

Study year 3

Opportunity to acquire the competence of scientific research work, in the management of own new level approach, new original ideas for business development, presenting it in the doctoral thesis, as well as proving their theoretical and practical value to entrepreneurship in general.

The content of the study program may be updated and altered during the studies, based on the requirements of the labor market and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Admission requirements

To apply for studies, the applicant has to provide master's or professional master's diploma in the thematic field of social and human sciences, business and administration, law or in another thematic field, if the person has at least 2 years of work experience in managerial work; as well as a report on the applicant's research interests and the possible dissertation topic.

Applicant is also required to provide one of the English language certificates mentioned within the Admission information. If the applicant does not have any of the respective English language certificates, however the medium of instruction of his/her master studies was English, he/she will receive a link to Turība University on-line English test after the registration. 

Information on the admission process and rules can be found in the section “Admission”.

Leading teaching staff

Ineta Lūka
Ineta Lūka


Rosita Zvirgzdiņa
Rosita Zvirgzdiņa


Velga Vēvere
Velga Vēvere


Ivars Godmanis
Ivars Godmanis


Zane Driņķe
Zane Driņķe

Rector of Turiba University, Professor

Director of the study program

Dr.oec., prof. Rosita Zvirgzdiņa

Phone: +371 67618746


Consultation hours:

Upon prior agreement

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