Tourism and Hospitality Management

Professional Bachelor's Study Program

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Degree awarded: Professional Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Qualification awarded: Company and Institution Manager
Duration: 4 years
Study language: English
Internship: Latvian or foreign tourism and hospitality companies

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism is one of the most dynamic, global and demanding sectors in the world. Studying in this field stands for learning how to organize and manage trips and journeys, the principles of hotel and other accommodation service management, the principles of catering, tourism logistics, and the very essence of business, as well as its cornerstones. Tourism today is unimaginable without technology, thus, students learn how to use technology in business management and service delivery. All of this ensures that those who study hospitality management at Turība University, receive a degree that’s valued anywhere in Europe.

The study program “Tourism and Hospitality Management” offers the knowledge necessary in the field of tourism and hospitality, as well as provides the opportunity to practically develop skills in both - teamwork and in a multicultural environment, which is becoming a necessity in today's globalization. During their studies, students learn to understand different cultures and ways of thinking, as well as develop critical thinking and the ability to express their opinions in a structured manner. These are the values ​​that graduates can put into practice in their professional lives. Graduates of the study program receive not only a diploma of higher education, but also a certificate of participation in additional activities.

During their studies, students get to know the “backstage” work of many hospitality and tourism companies both in Latvia and abroad. One of the most valuable benefits is a study visit to the world's leading tourism exhibition ITB Berlin. Thanks to that the students have an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest hospitality management trends both in Europe and worldwide.

Bachelor's study program Tourism and Hospitality Management for the fourth time has been awarded with the prestigious UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization TedQual accreditation to the maximal term – four years, until 2026.

The study program is accredited until 2024.

Lectures are held on weekdays

Career opportunities

  • Hotel, guest house and other place of accommodation manager;
  • Manager of restaurants, bars and other places of catering;
  • Travel agent;
  • Travel consultant;
  • Business owner and manager;
  • Work in state and municipal institutions.

Program content

Official content of the study program is available HERE

Study year 1

During the first study year students are introduced to the basic principles of the fastest growing industry - tourism - and their comprehension of interconnected nature of tourism is developed. Students learn to work in an intercultural environment, learn foreign languages and communication psychology.

Study year 2

In this study year, students learn the basics of business management - from general principles of business management and economics to the understanding of the legal environment required to build their own business as an employee. Business management is unimaginable without the ability to plan and manage the finances of one's business, so students learn both accounting principles and understanding of the tax system.

Study year 3

During the third study year students comprehend the essence of marketing, including digital marketing, learn to sell tourism and hospitality products, and work on real tourism marketing projects. Study courses develop employability-enhancing skills, e.g. creativity, teamwork, etc.

Study year 4

This study year provides the most global insight into the development of global tourism. Students improve their knowledge of the importance of globalization processes and their impact on the industry and develop skills to work in e-environment. The knowledge acquired is applied in the preparation and defense of the diploma paper.

The content of the study program may be updated and altered during the studies, based on the requirements of the labor market and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Admission requirements

In order to start studies in a bachelor’s study program, the applicant must have completed secondary education, and has to provide one of the English language certificates mentioned within the Admission information. If the applicant does not have any of the respective English language certificates, however the medium of instruction of his/her secondary education was English, he/she will receive a link to Turība University on-line English test after the registration. Additionally, the applicant is requested to pass a Social Science test given by Turība University. 

Information on the admission process and rules can be found in the section “Admission”.

Leading teaching staff

Maija Rozīte
Maija Rozīte


Daina Vinklere
Daina Vinklere


Margarita Platace
Margarita Platace


Laura Pole
Laura Pole


Director of the study program

MBA Laura Pole


Consultation hours:

Upon prior agreement

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