Computer Systems

Professional Bachelor's Study Program

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Degree awarded: Professional Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems
Qualification awarded: Software Engineer
Duration: 4 or 4,4 years
Study language: English
Internship: International companies of Information and communications technology Accenture, Tieto, TestDevLab etc.

Computer Systems

A bachelor’s degree in computer systems is your opportunity to start a succesful career in the tech industry. Within the framework of the study program “Computer Systems” professional specialists are prepared for starting independent work in the field of informatics with knowledge in computer system architecture, software engineering, system analysis, basic technologies of databases and artificial intelligence as well as specialists capable of demonstrating systematic thinking and systems approach in development project of a software, performing different roles and complying with the professional standards and professional ethics of an IT programming engineer. The program prepares students to conduct scientific research based on experimentation, modeling and simulation, as well as prepares them to continue their studies at the Professional Master's level.

The content of the study program “Computer Systems” has been developed according to the following standards:

  • ACM (Association of Computing Machinery standards, i.e. Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science);
  • CDIO Standard 2.0 (Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, Operating) the framework of innovative education, training engineers of the next generation, i.e. from product preliminary design, design, implementation to operation;
  • professional standard for software engineers.

Advantages of the study program are flexible study process, module learning principle, 1:3 ratio of lectures and practice (on average), remote access to study materials, transfer of knowledge of guest lecturers and practitioners, exchange study programs in other European engineering universities (UK) and laboratories (computer programming laboratory etc.).

The study program is accredited until September 9, 2023.

Lectures are held on weekdays

Career opportunities

  • Programming engineer;
  • Information systems manager in companies and institutions of various sectors;
  • Work in multinational ICT companies.

Program content

Official content of the study program is available HERE.

Study year 1

During the first study year you will gain an understanding of information technologies, good knowledge of mathematical logic, as well as software development basics in Java programming language. You will advance your theoretical and practical understanding of computer architecture, computer hardware and computer systems. Moreover, you will upgrade your English. Starting with the second study semester, you will learn object-oriented programming, algorithms, data structures and their complexity, and finish the study year by summarizing your knowledge in a course paper.

Study year 2

During the second study year you will continue to expand your knowledge of basics of software development. Furthermore, you will widen your horizons in economics and business, including discrete mathematics. You will have the opportunity to work with database management systems as well as improve your knowledge of software development in the C# programming language and your preferred foreign language. In cooperation with “Accenture Latvia”, you will learn the basics of seamless application integration. Towards the end of the study year, you will have the opportunity to do internship at internationally renowned ICT companies. The acquired knowledge will provide an opportunity to write a high quality study paper and give practical experience in IT. You will learn how to test your results with approaches of automated software testing and quality.

Study year 3

In the third study year, the field of knowledge will be broadened in various areas such as IT security and risk management, machine learning and intelligent analytics, software project management, data analysis, etc. You will also learn the basics of operational research, the Internet of Things, the basics of software development in 4 C# programming language, green IT systems and techniques, etc. It will also be possible to acquire knowledge in coding, cryptography, computer graphics and basics of image processing, using a variety of examples. At the end of the study year, a course paper will be developed within the framework of the Java project.

Study year 4

During the fourth year of study, you will be able to acquire such courses as “Finance and Accounting”, “IT Legislation and Copyright”, and “Software Developer Toolkits”. These courses will broaden your horizons in the IT industry. Study courses "Blockchains", "Internet Systems and Standards", "Software Development for Modeling and Simulation" and "Robotics" will introduce you to today's IT trends. By starting your pre-diploma practice, you will be able to navigate in your chosen field. You will be able to combine your second pre-diploma practice with your diploma paper.

The content of the study program may be updated and altered during the studies, based on the requirements of the labor market and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Admission requirements

In order to start studies in a bachelor’s study program, the applicant must have completed secondary education, and has to provide one of the English language certificates mentioned within the Admission information. If the applicant does not have any of the respective English language certificates, however the medium of instruction of his/her secondary education was English, he/she will receive a link to Turība University on-line English test after the registration. Additionally, the applicant is requested to pass a Math test given by Turība University. 

Information on the admission process and rules can be found in the section “Admission”.

Leading teaching staff

Pēteris Arājs
Pēteris Arājs


Antons Kolodinskis
Antons Kolodinskis


Inese Polaka
Inese Polaka

visiting assist. prof.

Director of the study program, Mg.oec. Jānis Pekša

Phone: +371 28610710


Consultation hours:

Upon prior agreement

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