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The following magazines and newspapers are available in the library of Turība University:

Magazines in English:

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  • 3D world
  • Computer Arts UK
  • The Economist
  • Forbes : E res. (EBSCO: Business Source Ultimate)
  • Harpers Magazine
  • Harvard Business Review : E res. (EBSCO: Business Source Ultimate)
  • Harward Business Review Spec
  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Journal of Public Relations Research
  • Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property:
    • Students can access the archive of magazines from computers of Turība University: My Computer - L: disc - E_zurnali
    • Teaching staff can access the archive of magazines from computers of: My Computer - H: disc – Public – Resursi - E_zurnali
  • Science news
  • Time (UK)
  • Tourism Management
  • Web Designer

Magazines in Latvian:

  • Annas Psiholoģija
  • Bilance (Zelta komplekts) (e-version)*
  • Domuzīme
  • Geo
  • Grāmatvedība un Ekonomika
  • Iepirkumi
  • iFinanses (e-version)*
  • Ilustrētā Pasaules Vēsture
  • Ilustrētā Zinātne
  • Ir
  • Ir. Brīvdienas
  • Ir. Nauda
  • iTiesības plus (e-version)*
  • Jurista Vārds (e-version)
  • Kapitāls
  • Klubs
  • Latvijas Tirgotājs
  • Leģendas
  • Likums un Taisnība
  • Pastaiga
  • Planētas Noslēpumi
  • Rīgas Laiks

Magazines in Russian:

  • Наука и Жизнь

Newspapers in Latvian:

  • Diena ((e-version)*
  • Dienas Bizness (e-version)*
  • Izglītība un Kultūra
  • Latvijas Avīze
  • Latvijas Vēstnesis (e-version)*
  • Neatkarīga Rīta Avīze Latvijai (with attachments)
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To open e-publications that are marked with a star (*), authorization is required.

For access information, please, contact the librarian.

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