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Public Relations - Professional Bachelor’s study program

  • Useful

    - On average, each YouTube user spends 15 minutes a day in this social network.

    - 35% of corporative bloggers have worked in journalism, media or have written in professional level.

    - A person says 5000 words a day, on average, and 80% of them is speaking with him/her.

DEGREE ACQUIRED: Professional Bachelor degree in Public Administration

QUALIFICATION OBTAINED: Public Relations Manager

STUDY PERIOD: 4 Academic Years                                                              

STUDY LANGUAGE: English or Latvian


  • The prospect of an valuable position of PR manager as a company or project representative abroad or in the governmental institution and expert of PR in the field creative industries.
  • You will be prepared for working in international companies and governmental institutions.

INTERSHIP at the governmental institutions, The Bank of Latvia, Latvian Olympic Committee, Street Basket, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and other notable PR companies throughout the entire study period.


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Mg.hist.,, prof. Andris Pētersons
Dean of Faculty of Communication
Phone: 67619460