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Services and Contact Information

Book return – Book Drop.
Books and other materials (periodicals, CD/DVD) from the library can be returned at any time! The book drop is at the entrance of the library with information nearby on how to use it.
Books are retrieved each day till 10.00 (except Sundays and holidays).

Save your time and use the service i-library and you can use the Turiba book catalogue to:

  • order books;
  • reserve books which are not at present available;
  • extend the submission period for books;
  • review data about books taken/ return dates / books reserved.

Library rules and regulations      

Each month the groun floor of the library is closed on the first Monday (maintenance day) but the reading rooms are open as usual.

Contact information
Library is located on the 1st Floor, Building C, Graudu street 68, Riga
Phone: 67616598

Library services

  • Issuance of books, previous year journals for subscribers;
  • Read newspapers, journals, books and student papers in the reading room;
  • Use computers – Internets, CD-Rom, scanning, copying to CD;
  • Use authorised online databases;
  • Search for information;
  • Avail consultation on the use of databases;
  • Print documents;
  • Copy documents (A4, A3 formats and on transparencies);
  • Binding teaching materials in spirals.

Each and every person is free to use the library resources but books and periodicals are issued only to Turība students and employees.

Paid subscription available.