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Management of International Communication – Professional Bachelor’s study programme

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    - There are more mobile phones with connection than people in the world.

    - There are 3 million new blogs created in the Internet every month.


DEGREE ACQUIRED: Professional Bachelor degree in Public Administration

QUALIFICATION OBTAINED: Public Relations Manager

STUDY PERIOD: 4 or 4.3 Academic Years

STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian


  • The prospect of an interesting and well-paid position as a company representative abroad or head of a mission is waiting there for you and you will also be able to apply daily your English knowledge and to work side-by-side with the people from various cultures;
  • Should you wish to apply your knowledge gained concerning international environment here in Latvia, you will be fit for working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in other governmental institutions;
  • You will be capable of establishing and managing your own company or a non-governmental organisation;
  • You will be capable of defining the agenda for the countries and communities.

TRAINEESHIP at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Chancellery, Latvian Olympic Committee, Latvian Basketball Association, and in all Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry member companies throughout the entire study period


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DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMME, lecturer Valdis Tilgalis
Phone: +371 67628870