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Tourism Research Centre

Faculty of International Tourism is offering the students to improve their skills and get involved in the Tourism Research Centre operating at Turiba University, which is the only centre of this kind in the Baltic region. The Centre regularly gathers together both the tutors and the students in order to enable the scientific and applied research projects in the area of tourism and hospitality as well as to foster the competencies of the students in the tourism market. Workshops, guest-lectures, collaboration with the state agencies, the largest industry enterprises and tourism-related business sector studies take place on a day-to-day basis and are offered by the Tourism Research Centre.

„Now students can be engaged in several research projects lead by lecturers, as well as to take part in organized field discussions by meeting industry professionals and visit other events organized by the centre. One of the Tourism Research Centre tasks is to establish closer cooperation among tourism operators and students directly in the field research. By improving students’ research skills at the same time we would like to conduct significant researches because both parties will benefit in this situation. For entrepreneurs it is an opportunity to obtain research results on topical, interesting questions for them, while students would deepen their knowledge on the particular theme, as well as understand actual situation in the market” explains manager of the centre Ēriks Lingebērziņš.

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