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Executive MBA in Tourism Strategic Management

At Turiba University has been improved the advanced top-level international tourism study program Executive MBA in Tourism Strategic Management, which starting from January 2018 will offer to senior and middle-level managers to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills from professionals and managers of tourism industry from all around the world.

The success or failure of business depends on how flexible and adaptable a company is. A long-term strategy based on a comprehensive analysis of global trends and the prediction of changing international demand is key to success.

Master's degree program Strategic management  of tourism at Turiba University has been improved in order to gain a more global perspective on tourism and hospitality development trends in study process, to develop yourself as a competitive leader and to develop personal competences.

The program is customized to the management level, to foreign students as well as for students from Latvia, which provides for intensive in-flight sessions, in which lessons in lecture-rooms will be conducted with different situation assessment in companies and networking with local and foreign business people and managers. The study courses will be implemented by the leading lecturers in the industry and high-level industry professionals with extensive experience working in international markets from Latvia and abroad. Students will have the opportunity to visit one of the largest tourism exhibitions-fairs in the world - the ITB in Berlin, as well as the opportunity to meet the representatives of tourism industry in Moscow who represent the most largest and most rising tourism markets in the country.

Studies are carried out according to the modular principle - the preparatory phase before classes, which prepares students for the study week, full-time classes in which industry representatives and professionals from all over the world share the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and after classes. Before and after lessons are an essential part of the study process so that the course lecturers ensure that all planned tasks during the study week can be successfully completed.