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StartUp hotel

Learning classroom StartUp hotel of Faculty of International Tourism is multifunctional, cosy and interesting study environment which is approximated to the real conditions of providing tourism services and where the future tourism and hospitality professionals while studying can improve their skills practically.

The classroom is created as a prototype of restaurant, hotel room and reception; therefore, students here can test their knowledge by playing the process of welcoming guests and registration in hotel, practically acquiring nuances of laying table and catering service, by arranging and providing accommodation in hotel rooms according to the international standards and requirements.

Here future field professionals can not only work practically, but also they can take part in various discussions and conferences, thus acquiring new skills and ideas for their future aims and business, as well.


University expresses its greatest gratitude in creation of the classroom to the hotel „Radi un draugi” and personally to the Turiba graduate Margarita Platacecompany Aviro and personally to Turiba graduate Vineta Circene.

Lecturer of Turiba University, MBA Brigita Puriņa:
”In StartUp hotel restaurant hospitality students learn to apply theoretical knowledge in practice acquired in lectures of Catering Enterprise Management and Service. During practical classes future students acquire and strengthen all the necessary skills for customer service, according to menu and type of service they learn to choose the appropriate table settings and tableware, glasses and dishes, as well as to lay a table. By playing role games and slipping in the role of guest and waiter, students have the opportunity to get into the real situations of professional life in restaurant”. 

Lecturer of Faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University Ruta Žvals:
„In the classroom StartUp hotel future hospitality students get acquainted with hotel room equipment and according to procedure order and process acquire skills to clean hotel rooms according to hygiene and aesthetic requirements. Professional skills and compliance of high level standards are one of the reasons why hotel guests return again and again.”