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Internship Abroad

Each year approximately 200 students prove their knowledge into practice in restaurants, travel agencies and hotels in Greece, Switzerland, Cyprus, USA, Italy, France and other places. The time spent in practice is invaluable not only from the perspective of experience, but also becomes an important point in the CV of a future professional. Internship in Latvian or foreign tourism and hospitality enterprises in all years of studies, as well as in the framework of the Foundation Riga 2014 by organizing events of European Capital of Culture in Riga.


FAQ on Internships Abroad

  • Which students of Turiba University can go to internship abroad?

Turiba University has established a long-term cooperation with hospitality and tourism enterprises which offer internships for students of International Tourism Faculty.

These internships are intended for 1st and 2nd year students, but students who want to continue developing their skills in the field of tourism keep on going to internship also after the third year of studies. The best trainees after graduation from the University are also offered a job in these enterprises.

  • Is it possible to earn money during the internship?

Yes, a trainee will earn up to 600 euros abroad. Of course, invaluable benefit is work and life experience abroad, new friends and acquaintances outside Latvia, as well an opportunity to improve language skills. Usually tourism enterprises offer free meals and accommodation.

  • To which countries is it possible to go to internships?

To Greece, Cyprus, France, Switzerland, USA.

  • How can I apply for the internship?

In order to apply for the internship in the USA, you should apply till October 20 of each year.

In November selection interviews are organized and it is possible to go to internship in the next year.

To the internship in other countries you can apply till January 31. Selection interviews are organized in February.

In order to apply for the internship, students should hand in their CV in English and passport photo. When applying for internship in Swiss enterprises, students shall hand in CV in German, while to French enterprises – in French. Enterprises of some internship also require motivation letter.
Trainees are selected on a competitive basis.

  • To which enterprises students of Turiba University can go to internship?

Greece: (Rhodes Island, Creta Island, Kos Island, Peloponnesian peninsula, Corfu  Island)
- Amathus Beach Hotel Rhodes & Elite Suites by Amathus -
- Chandris Corfu Hotels -
- Grecotel -
- Aldemar Hotel & Resorts -
- Atlantica Hotels & Resorts -
- Blue Lagoon Group -
- Albatros spa & Resort Hotel -

Kanika Group -

Various enterprises:

Les Clos Saint-Front (restaurant) -

The Broadmoor -

Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality -


Feedbacks of students:

Sanita Grickus, student of International Tourism Faculty, has been in internship in Cyprus:

“The major benefits of this internship were invaluable experience, English language skills, many new friends in Cyprus, exploring new culture and independence. People in Cyprus are very open and friendly, therefore it was easy to fit in. Cypriots are very fond of Latvian girls because we stand out on the local background. I am very glad that I have found a time for travelling around this country because Cyprus is very beautiful country. During the internship I suggest not to only to work but also to go on trips as frequent as possible.”

Lauma Sprula, student of International Tourism Faculty, has been in internship in Rhodes Island:

“Experience, language skills, new impressions, great memories and many new friends – all this I have acquainted during the internship in “Hilton Rhodes Resort” hotel. During this period I experienced so much that it all cannot be told! Every day came with new impressions, experiences and events. Work and entertainment together!”