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Council of Faculty

  • Andris Jaunsleinis – Chairman of the Municipalities’ Union of Latvia
  • Valdis Melderis – Programme Director of Radio Skonto
  • Līga Rimšēvica – Latvian Nacional theatre marketing and pr manager
  • Kristaps Otersons – Deputy Head of the Public Relations’ Administration, Bank of Latvia
  • Edīte Olupe - Head of the Public Relations Section of the State Social Assurance Agency
  • Jānis Leja – Founder and Chief Executive of JL Prospero
  • Jānis Rušenieks – TV director and producer
  • Andris Pētersons – Dean of Faculty of Communication
  • Guntis Zemītis – Director of the Master’s Study Programme of the Faculty of Public Relations, Director of the Latvian History Institute of the University of Latvia
  • Ivars Namatēvs – Vice-Rector in Acadamic and Scientific Field
  • Ainārs Dimants – Chairman of Council of the Public Electronic Mass Media in Latvia (NEPLP), Director of the Doctor’s study programme Communication Management
  • Edgars Mikanovskis – Student of Faculty of Communication
  • Inese Runce
  • Zane Kalniņa – Student of Faculty of Communication
  • Reinis Mellis - Student of Faculty of Communication
  • Zane-Sandra Tērpa - Student of Faculty of Communication
  • Evijs Ozols - Student of Faculty of Communication