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Council of Faculty

The Faculty of Communication  in their daily work has involved employers, students and representatives from various associations who are well versed in labor market trends and demands. This means that the faculty council has experts in its field participating, for example, in the dean's elections, in the establishment of new study programs, in the approval of diploma papers and practice programs. A couple of times per year the faculty’s council is familiar with the Faculty of Communication's achievements and sets goals for further development.

As experts in the Council of the Communication Faculty are invited to work and act communication specialists, heads of public relations agencies, representatives of public and private companies.

  • Andris Pētersons – Dean of Faculty of Communication at Turiba University;
  • Guntis Zemītis – Director of the study programme, Director of the Latvian History Institute of the University of Latvia;
  • Ivars Namatēvs – Vice-Rector in Acadamic and Scientific Field at Turiba University;
  • Ainārs Dimants – Chairman of Council of the Public Electronic Mass Media in Latvia (NEPLP), Director of the study programme;
  • Zane Kalniņa – Student of Faculty of Communication;
  • Reinis Mellis - Student of Faculty of Communication;
  • Zane-Sandra Tērpa - Student of Faculty of Communication;
  • Evijs Ozols - Student of Faculty of Communication;
  • Andris Jaunsleinis – Chairman of the Municipalities’ Union of Latvia;
  • Valdis Melderis – Programme Director of Radio Skonto;
  • Līga Rimšēvica – Latvian Nacional theatre marketing and pr manager;
  • Kristaps Otersons – Deputy Head of the Public Relations’ Administration, Bank of Latvia;
  • Edīte Olupe - Head of the Public Relations Section of the State Social Assurance Agency;
  • Jānis Leja – Founder and Chief Executive of JL Prospero;
  • Jānis Rušenieks – TV director and producer.