• 15.12.2017

    Working Hours within Winter Holidays (0)
    Please be aware of university working hours during Christmas time.  More


    Alise Timofejeva, the graduate of Turiba University, was awarded at the student's scientific research work competition (0)
    At Student’s Scientific Research Work competition in 2017, hosted by The Latvian investment and development agency, the reward was given to Alise Timofejeva, a graduate with a Professional Master’s degree in “Tourism Strategic Management’’. More


    The work on a new collective monograph "Organization Security" is continuing (2)
    In this project, where 3 universities collaborate are evaluated and improved security programs, exchanging experience and will be developed a collective monograph that will serve as a new and useful educational material for students. More


    188 Young Specialists Have Graduated Turiba Unversity (2)
    This year winter graduation in Turiba was held on 9 December and the group of graduates was joined by 188 graduates (including 17 international students). More


    Students from the Netherlands visited Turiba University (6)
    At the end of November 64 Dutch students from the University of TIO (NL) as well as several lecturers and managers of this educational institution visited Turiba University. More


    Take part in the Student Survey! (12)
    Use the opportunity to express your opinion about what matters to you! More
  • 30.11.2017

    Work on developing an on-line mediation mockup platform is continuing (9)
    In autumn 2016 Turiba University in collaboration  with 5 partner universities launched the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project. More


    Campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!” (7)
    Master students of public relations program invites every student, employee and guest of Turiba to participate in the book swap campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!” More


    Christmas ball is here! (9)
    Ready your dresses and suits! Christmas ball, one of the most anticipated events this year, is just around the corner! More


    Winter graduation on 9th December! (16)
    We are glad to announce that winter graduation is coming soon. This year the graduation will be held on 9th December at 6 PM at Turiba University conference hall. More


    The expert rights have been assigned to Janis Naciscionis and Rosita Zvirgzdina (15)
    Expert rights have been assigned for 3 years based on protocol No.12 of the meeting on 15th November 2017 of Scientific Expertise Commission. More


    Students of the Faculty of Communication visit the publishing house "Santa" (9)
    First year students of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University went to the publishing house "Santa" on 17th November, where they found out how the magazine "Klubs" is made. More
  • 16.11.2017

    Congratulations on 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia! (7)
    Happy, beautiful, sincere and happy celebration for all of us! More


    Working hours during the Latvian Independence Day (6)
    Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Photo-copying, Library, Cafe Turība and Canteen Nīke-E during the Latvian Independence Day. More


    We invite you to celebrate Latvia's national holiday! (5)
    This year we will dance, sing and taste traditional foods at Turiba University conference hall! More


    Students of the Faculty of Communication at Latvian Television! (14)
    On 9th November students of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University together with Andris Petersons, the Dean of the faculty, went to get acquainted with the daily life of the Latvian Television (LTV). More


    Let’s celebrate national Latvian celebration together! (4)
    At the Study Information Centre of Turiba University ( in the corpus C) averyone can get a Latvian flag colored ribbon. More


    Communication students are welcome to St. Gallen Symposium (3)
    Students interested in journalism and mass media from Turiba University have a unique chance to cover the 48th St. Gallen Symposium, a global forum organised entirely by students. More
  • 02.11.2017

    Representatives of Turiba University participated in the trade mission in Shanghai (11)
    Within the framework of the trade mission there were meetings with representatives of various universities and other educational institutions of Shanghai and Ningbo. More


    Nikolajs Ozolins- lecturer of the Law Faculty of Turiba University participates in the conference in Lithuania (6)
    During the conference there were scientific and practical discussions and several working groups.  More


    Join and celebrate Diwali with us! (6)
    Event will be held on 2nd of November at 7 PM in Turiba University’s Conference hall. More


    Students' Council: Lost in the woods! (14)
    The event will take place at a secret location, but we'll meet at the BAT lobby at 7:30 PM and get there together. More


    Are you ready to prove your knowledge? (13)
    From October 24th to October 28th, the first round will take place in the BATIS system, in which each participant will have to complete the test in 40 minutes. More


    Golden Autumn Joint work in Turiba (13)
    On Tuesday, October 24, Turiba University arranges the golden autumn joint work. More
  • 20.10.2017

    Turiba University receives the Excellence Award of Export "The Red Jackets" (18)
    Export Support Movement The Red Jackets named the top 20 Latvian export brands and the top 10 emerging export stars Rising Stars. Turiba University received the award of The Red Jackets as one of the most prominent export brands. More


    Apply for the Mentor Program (23)
    The Faculty of Business Administration of Turiba University within study process offers the Mentor Program for young entrepreneurs. More


    A competition for studying in a bilateral exchange program has ended (9)
    The competition for studying in the bilateral exchange program in the spring semester of the 2017/2018 academic year has ended. More


    The competition for studying in double diploma programs has ended (5)
    The competition for studying in the double diploma programs for the 2017/2018 Spring Semester has ended. More


    The Erasmus + program competition is closed (7)
    The competition for studies in the Erasmus + program in the spring semester 2017/2018 has been completed. More


    The friendly joint work in Krimulda was very sunny and active (12)
    On 9th October students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Communication of the Turiba University had a joint work in  Krimulda. More
  • 13.10.2017

    Latvijas Banka announces a Competition of Student Scientific Research Papers (16)
    This year, participation is open to students of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. More


    Latvian Language Course for Full Time International Students (16)
    International Full time students of Turiba University are welcome to apply for Latvian language course. In frame of the course students can learn basic Latvian. Lessons start on 18.10.2017. and course is free of charge. More


    Lecture for International students „Latvia, traditions, culture and people” (8)
    All international students are very welcome to come! This lesson will be not only very interesting for you, but also useful. More


    The library of Turiba University offers trial databases (8)
    PressReader now have access to over 7,000 titles from 100+ countries in 60+ languages. Trial is available till 18.10.2017. More


    Apply to the Friendship Talks in the beautiful Krimulda Church! (6)
    Annual Common Work for Friendship of students from Communication Faculty will be organised on 9th of October.  More


    Get a practice in the largest five-star hotel in the Broadmoor resort in America! (18)
    You have the opportunity to go to the United States, to one of the best resorts in the world and get the highest, unique experience. More