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Date: 18th May 2017

Venue: Turiba University

Communication is an extremely wide concept, an everyday necessity and a source of emotion and welfare. Communication is a dialogue with each other, a business deal and a concert; it is our hair style, book or a journey. Even war is communication – the information war is topical in Latvia as well as in the wars of nearby countries or faraway lands where blood is being shed. The maintenance of peace is also communication.

Currently, we live in a global village and our interests today are in thousands of ways linked daily to an extremely wide range of interests of people, enterprises, public administration institutions and non-governmental organisations that are so close to each other at only the distance of a computer click away. The primary interests of persons and enterprises are their own interests and a desire to realise them by influencing others. Therefore it is vitally important how quickly we are able to respond, to communicate, to balance our interests, agree and cooperate with people from diverse cultures and interests.

Tolerance, understanding of different cultures, intercultural communication, media knowledge, emotional intelligence, sustainability firstly make our life longer and pleasant, secondly further business growth and the development of the whole society and thirdly ensure peace in our global village.  If you do not have a computer, you can travel around the global village in 17 days nonstop at the speed of 100kms per hour.


  • Communication      
  • Culturology  
  • Management
  • Tourism        
  • Law    
  • Business       
  • Linguistics   
  • Sociology
  • Journalism
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Hospitality
  • Public administration
  • Education
  • Demographics      

CONFERENCE LANGUAGE: Latvian and English. We welcome communication in any other language provided you are able to ensure that your message is communicated across to the audience. 

REGISTRATION:  Authors of research papers and presenters can register online on the Turiba University homepage ( under the section Business and Science by submitting an abstract (1400–1600 characters with spaces) by 15st January 2017.

PAPERS: The conference proceedings will be published in electronic format and on the Turiba University homepage and EBSCO database. All papers shall be reviewed by experts of the scientific board of the conference.

Full text papers shall not exceed 40 000 characters (with spaces) and must be submitted to the organizing committee by 15st February 2017.


CONFERECE VENUE:  Turiba University, Graudu street 68, LV-1058

FURTHER INFORMATION: please call +371 67615520 or write an email to the organizing committee at