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The experienced tutors of Turiba University organise courses relevant for the enterprise managers and employees. During the courses the industry specialists would learn the methods needed for a successful organisation of the daily work, for example, they are taught, how to improve the relations with clients and how to work under the conditions of a heightened tension.


Training Courses for Advancement of Business Ideas

To motivate a possibly broader section of the society to commence entrepreneurial activities, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in cooperation with the Faculty of Business Administration of Turiba University, within the scope of the project ‘Innovative Business Motivation Programme’, organised a free training course entitled ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur in 5 Days’. The training course was delivered in the Regions of Vidzeme and Zemgale (the projects were implemented in years 2010, 2011 and 2012). Within this course the training was received by 30 senior students from higher educational establishments of Latvia, who are motivated to become entrepreneurs, along with the future entrepreneurs, who are in need of improving their knowledge for the advancement of innovative ideas, received the training.


Workshops Held by the Business Administration Faculty Staff

The tutors of the Business Administration Faculty are regularly involved in holding workshops on the topics current to the industry professionals. Experienced specialists and new-comers in business are supplementing their knowledge on a wide range of topics from strategic and change management, accounting and tax reporting, merchandising, network business, professional customer service, developing partnerships and stress management to integrated marketing communication, business research and other topics.