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XVII International Scientific conference

31st March 2016

Turiba University

It is important that Latvia as a small nation with a small economy is able to create and offer products and services that are competitive both in the local as well as global market. Enterprises that are able to react fast to the changing business environment and diversify their product offer will survive under circumstances of growing competition.

Topicality of the Conference

Competitiveness is an important factor for each and every enterprise and the nation as a whole. The competitiveness of a nation depends on the success of its enterprises to a large extent.  Competitiveness is based on business efficiency indicators at the enterprise level including corporate strategy, management skills, marketing and price and cost efficiency. However, it is clear that business carried out in a particular territory by a registered enterprise is subject to national legislation, all kinds of direct support as well as indirect support provided for by the country through its taxation policies, international and bilateral relationships, export and import opportunities as well as development and transfer of technology.  A lot depends on the events and measures carried out at the national level, on the business environment being developed in that particular region.



  • Business environment as a success factor;
  • Leadership as a factor enhancing competitiveness;
  • New innovative business concepts as a basis for competitiveness; 
  • Tools and indicators for sustainable economy;
  • New directions and new markets for businesses;
  • Diversification;
  • Responsible and ethical business practices.


  • Global economy and tourism;
  • EU policies and tourism;
  • Tourism as a driving force for regional development;
  • Innovation and tourism;
  • Special interest groups in tourism.


  • Education for smart and inclusive growth;
  • The role of lifelong learning for sectoral and personal development;
  • Education and new media;
  • The new role of higher education institutions;
  • New approaches and methods of research.


  • Cultural identity and globalisation;
  • Social and cultural heritage;
  • Digital era society and social dynamics;
  • European values - culture, nature and language diversity.


  • The role of EU member states and opportunities in European administration;
  • Ensuring the rule of law and effective legislation;
  • Strengthening competences of security and law enforcement  institutions;
  • The significance of intellectual property rights in enhancing EU economy.

CONFERENCE LANGUAGE: Latvian and English

ADDRESS:  Turiba University, Graudu street 68, LV-1058.

FURTHER INFORMATION: please call +371 67615520, +371 67607660 or write an email to the organizing committeeat