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Turiba University 25

We are proud to see how personalities are emerging in front of us, and we know that you will become one of them!

Turiba University 25

Every great story is based on an idea. Similarly, with a company - in order to create something special, important for society, a clear vision and purpose is needed to offer a product or a new, innovative solution that will meet the needs of a particular group of people. This is exactly how  the story of Turība started  25 years ago - an ambitious project with an aim to  educate  prominent, knowledgeable, courageous and committed entrepreneurs and leaders of various levels - real experts in their field. Already at the begining we knew that our graduates will be among those who with their knowledge and skills will be able to give contribution to the Latvian economy, to increase the country's prosperity and proudly take the name of Turiba and Latvia in the world.

In our 25-year history we have been there for 14,592 students, now our graduates, within the trip of study years, proudly watched every joyful face, marking all those accomplished things with a high-hat shot in the air. Always with a real interest following to  every success and achieved peak, we have been inspired by the work and perseverance of the students and graduates of Turiba and we have  tried to be an example for our students, proving that nothing is impossible.

Turiba became a pioneer in the Latvian higher education market by installing a high quality standard for itself, setting the student as the main determinant and without waiting for a miracle, but setting the course of events themselves.

Quarter of a century. It's not a bit, but not much. We have so many vertices in front of us! Since the time we first opened doors to tudents in 1993, we have tried to create an environment in Turiba that inspires, enchants and allows everyone to feel like at home -  welcomed. Our family is made up of excellent personalities - professional lecturers and professors, always curious students, purposeful graduates and sincere staff. Thanks to each of them, Turība has become the largest private university and has taken a solid position at the top of the list of recommended universities of Latvia made by employers, as well as has made a significant contribution to the education of development of the export of state. Every year more and more foreign students arrive here to us, which testifies that the work done is also appreciated in the international labor market.

We are proud to see how personalities are emerging in front of us, and we know that you will become one of them.

We want to be present in your study years to see the delight of joy in your eyes for every achievement, to hear your passionate stories, to be part of the warmest memories of the study time and to experience how you bring our values ​​in the world and reflect in your work and achievements what is important for us - freedom, commitment and competence!

See you at Turiba!