Aldis Baumanis, Dr. paed., Rector and Chairman of the Board of the Turiba University

“Due to ceaseless and well-considered development, the Turiba has been able to strengthen its position as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Latvia. This constant development enables us to offer our students modern and competitive education much sought after in the labour market. However, the development of our School would be unfeasible without students who are ever eager to learn and teachers who are well equipped to instruct them. Therefore I am certain that in future everyone – both our students and our teaching staff as well as the administrative personnel – will be just as resourceful and show just as much concern and enthusiasm.





Aigars Rostovskis, D.M.Soc, Chairman of the Development Council of Turiba University

"Each one of us wants to prosper and live in happiness. Therefore success in market economy is hardly an end in itself; it is merely the most effective path to the fulfilment of ones wishes and dreams. At Turiba University you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with this path to well-being. Good luck to one and all!"






The consultative collegial institution – Councillors’ Convent has been functioning at the Turiba University for several years already. Its main aim is to promote the development of the institution and offer recommendations for the strategy of the institution and academic, scientific and economic activities. The members of the Councillors’ Convent are entrepreneurs, heads of companies, educators, lawyers, bankers, scientists, heads of social and government institutions well known in Latvia.

There are 25 members in the Councillors' Covent:

  • Edgars Štelmahers, graduate of Turiba and manager of the company New Rosme
  • Renārs Krūgaļaužs, member of board of the company Livland and Turiba graduate
  • Māris Meļķisis, sworn advocate in the sworn advocate office Māris Meļķisis
  • Marģers Zeitmanis, chairman of the board of Balvi and Gulbene hospital association
  • Māris Mednis, public relations expert
  • Jānis Endziņš, chairman of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, businessman 
  • Elīna Egle, manager of the company Baltic Id
  • Lienīte Caune, owner and manager of the accounting outsourcing consulting office CBB,  vice president of LCCI
  • Aiva Vīksna, vice president of Employer’s Confederation of Latvia
  • Aivars Ermičs, owner of the automobile showroom Alfa Motors and Turiba student
  • Aivars Borovkovs, president of Lawyers Association
  • Juris Ekmanis, vice president of Latvian Academy of Sciences
  • Low Siew Thiam, advisor of the Latvian Honorary Council in Singapore and chairman of the Global Management Forum
  • Dmitrij Krasnov, manager of the regional TRK in Russia
  • Guntis Učelnieks, owner of the tourism agency Kolumbs
  • Jānis Naglis, director of the company Jānis Naglis 
  • Ivars Bičkovičs, president of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia
  • Andrejs Ēķis, businessman, film producer and developer of the movie town „Cinevilla”
  • Edvīns Bērziņš, member of the board of the joint stock company "Latvijas dzelzceļš", vice president
  • Viesturs Koziols, businessman
  • Linda Rubene, manager of the company Rotu nams and student of Turiba
  • Normunds Staņēvičs, manager of „Rīgas piena kombinats”
  • Kārlis Šenhofs, vice president of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and former member of the board of the company Kvadra Pak
  • Annija Voiteka, graduate of Turiba, businesswoman and author of business idea a’coat
  • Ilāna Hundadze, graduate of Turiba and businesswoman