Communication in the digital environment – academic master’s study programme

DEGREE: Academic social science master’s degree in mass media and communication

DURATION OF STUDIES: 1.5 years (full time studies) or 2 years (part time studies)



  • Digital communications analyst and consultant
  • Digital communications strategy planner
  • Multimedia media communications manager
  • Content marketing manager
  • Social media and influencer manager

You will learn:

  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Forecasting unforeseen circumstances
  • Digital technology management
  • Emotional intelligence in communication
  • Communication in the digital environment for business and public administration organisations and their members
  • Understanding communication and information process in the digital environment
  • Latest approaches and methods of communications psychology research
  • Impact of emotional intelligence on decision making in the digital environment
  • Designing and testing projects in the digital environment

The digital environment and technology is developing at a rapid pace - information and communication technologies are being increasingly used in every sector, and therefore those who wish to be competitive and modern have to develop their digital skills. Turiba University has designed a new academic Master's study programme “Communication in the Digital Environment”, in accordance with the latest trends in the Latvian and international labour market and demands for professional and highly educated specialists. This is a unique interdisciplinary research-based programme. The modern study programme content is being implemented in cooperation with research institutes in Ukraine and Lithuania.

The programme includes a number of study courses that are now becoming increasingly important. Learn how to use mediation, visionarism, rationalism, emotional intelligence and digital technology in communication and become a leader in the digital environment! This is just a part of the skills you will acquire in this newly designed programme.

Each and every modern business communication plan incorporates new technologies to attract potential customers by building a strong corporate image. Study, acquire knowledge together with real life examples provided to you by your lecturers - industry experts, and become a part of a great and recognizable business success story by applying the skills acquired to enhance its development.

If you desire to become a digital communications analyst, digital communications consultant, digital communications strategy planner, multimedia communications manager, content marketing manager, or a social media and influencer manager, then take advantage of the opportunity and study Communications in the digital environment.

89% of companies submit forms electronically and an increasing number of tasks are done digitally. The labour market dictates its requirements and digital skills have become basic skills, like calculating and writing. Technological development ever increasingly shapes the specifics of work in different sectors, where change is the only constant. So, the knowledge gained will help you be a step ahead of your potential competitors. Come and join us and become the leader!

For further information please contact the Department of Communication Sciences by email: or by phone - 67619460.

 * The study programme is currently undergoing the licencing procedure