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Working Hours Within May Holidays (38)

Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Library, Cafe Turība and Canteen Nīke-E within May holidays.

Study Information Centre

Information desk

May 3: 8.00-20.00


Customer Service

May 3: 9.00-18.00



Reading Room

May 3: 9.30-19.30



May 3: 10.30-18.30


Canteen Nīke-E

May 3: 8.00-16.30


Cafe Turība

May 3: 8.00-19.00




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Here is the list of the working hours within may holidays. All are listed here and is very helpful for the students who are continuing their studies in the Turiba University. Now they can prepare their timetable according to the working hours provided.

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I am a regular visitor of the site of this Turiba university. Through this website I know the latest update s from the university. It Is good to share the working hours during the May holidays. I think the early announced schedule really help student to plan effectively for their studies.

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Even during the holidays, the University is open to the students in order to use the library and other reference centers that can be very useful for their studies. You have provided the working hours of different days so that the students can come during that time.
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Thank you for sharing such valuable information. It would have been time consuming if someone didn’t have any idea bout the working hours and got there at the odd hours. And it is hard to find out the working time from internet.
Thank you for sharing the details of the working hours during the May holidays. It will help the students and the members to get a good idea of the working time and plan their works according to that. Keep sharing more useful stuff like this.

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Good to see that you have given the working hours at Study information centre during the May holidays. I think lots of students make this opportunity to come library and make an effective use of their holidays. Please update here if there is any changes in program.

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The timings are important and thanks for sharing. I would note it down and attend the extra classes oo. I am a student of final year and I hope there are seperate timings for us.

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I think this piece of information helps the students to get some clear picture about the working hours within holidays. It may also useful for them to arrange their part-time work schedule according to the new timetable.

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