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VOYAGING LATVIA - A week practices in Riga, Jurmala and Sigulda! (1)

“Travelling is the only thing in the world, where the more you spend (time, efforts and of course, money), the richer you become from inside!” Certainly, the students of MBA Tourism Strategic Management (Group SMA1D1, SMA1D2) became big-time millionaires by getting a splendid opportunity to interact directly with the tourism industry. A one week practice that included not only the absolutely dedicated efforts of the faculty, but certainly the hard work of the budding tourism professionals-for whom learning was made always on the cards. In order to learn the best, the best was being offered to the students in the form of destinations like Riga, Jurmala and Sigulda.

It all kicked off on 24.04.2017 in a highly enthusiastic manner, when students got to know about some paramount hotel properties in Riga, such as Hotel Grand Palace and Hotel Radisson Blu, from the experts themselves. Specialists were also being invited in Turiba University Campus to enlighten the students with various aspects of the tourism industry. To add upon, visits to Travel Agencies such as Estravel, bagging some real-time exposure by acting as actual tourists in the Tourist Information Centers, glancing some of the city’s important Museums and exploring the Tourism Zones such as Old Riga like a pro was nothing less than a goldmine for the young aspirants.


Great experiences were also delivered to the students, when travelling was done an inch further. Baltic Beach Hotel and SPA (Jurmala), Jurmala City Museum, the Turaida Museum Reserve (Sigulda) are some other fine examples where students interacted with the hospitality and tourism industry and learned in an absolutely unorthodox style.

The outcomes of the tour, as expected, were surreal. Students not only learnt the current and the future tourism market trends, but also understood the role of various stakeholders in the tourism industry. Furthermore, students were made well aware of what the industry demands from them and made sure that they know which direction they have to opt from here onwards.




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