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UNWTO TedQual Audit Has Been Successfully Conducted in Turiba University (0)

Four days, from 12th of November till 15th of November the independent auditor, professor and certified quality assessor George Ubbelohde visited Turiba University in order to conduct TedQual audit of UN World Tourism Organisation.

In the meeting of final report of UN World Tourism Organisation which was held on 15th November in Turiba, G.Ubbelohde expressed his gratitude to audience for the responsiveness and cooperation, as well as greeted Turiba with greatly conducted audit week. Though the final report will be ready in the following two or three months; auditor drawn attention to several findings obtained during the visual and documental audit. He believed that Turiba clearly represents reputation and quality. According to the professor’s view University can be proud of qualitatively developed and systematised documentation, well-organized and arranged infrastructure, great lecturers and students, exemplary cooperation with industries, as well as other essential aspects for the study process.

In the conclusion of the report the auditor pointed out that by continuing progress to the academic excellence Turiba University has a reasonable chance to become one of the top-ranked members of UNWTO TedQual universities.

The dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Agita Doniņa was satisfied with the progress made, as well as expressed great gratitude to all university staff involved during the audit.

The study programme of the Faculty of International Tourism - Tourism and Hospitality Industry Business Management as the only one in the Central Europe has obtained UNWTO TedQual certificate. This document is obtained only to those universities which realized higher education in tourism industry corresponds to developed quality standards. Turiba students and academic staff as the members of UNWTO TedQual University regularly take part in the educational and research projects of the World Tourism Organisation, for example, jointly developing code of ethics of graduates of organisation partner universities by organizing UNWTO TedQual university student exchange.