News>Two day adventure for Erasmus students, including conquering the biggest slip'n'slide in Baltic.

Two day adventure for Erasmus students, including conquering the biggest slip'n'slide in Baltic. (0)

During the time when students were still trying to enjoy the last days of their summer vacation, on 29th and 30th august International cooperation department organized 2 events for the foreign students, to help them adapt when they'll be starting their studies in Latvia. 

First of the events was "Discover Turiba" that was attended by 53 Turiba University students, who this year are starting their first study year in the university. Students listened to useful introduction lectures, given by the Erasmus coordinator Laura Griķe, Vice-rector for Study Development and International Relations Imants Bergs, International cooperation department head Zane Kalniņa and the Buddy systems coordinator Shokhsanam Rassulmetova.

After the official part and the guest lectures students were invited to the orientation activity trough Turiba University campus, during which the students had to face 12 control points that they had to overcome. A lot of different kind of activities where in these control points that helped the students get to know each other as well as get to know Turiba University. 

Already the next day the event "Sprīdīša piedzīvojumi" took place, that was organized by Baldones Waterjump, which was a very big hit among the foreign students.

All night long students were able to get to know each other trough different activities and also join the Erasmus 2015/2016 family. During the night students presented their home country's traditional foods and drinks while introducing others with their culture. 

In a relaxed atmosphere students had the opportunity to enjoy themselves while going to sauna or playing football. And sliding down theWaterjump slip'n'slide gave a proper dose of adrenaline. 

After the event a lot of positive feedback came back from the students about the place where the event was held as well as about the amazing opportunity to challenge and overcome themselves sliding down the biggest slip'n'slide in the Baltic that was 10 meters high.