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Turiba's Faculty of Public Relations Has Got a New Name – Faculty of Communication (0)

At the end of 2013 Faculty of Public Relations (FPR) of Turiba has got a new name – Faculty of Communication (FC). The dean of Faculty of Communication, associate professor Andris Pētersons comments: "Field professionals, Faculty Council and University Senate believe that the new name more precisely reflects the study direction presented in the faculty – Information and communication sciences".

According to A. Pētersons the faculty offers studies in bachelor, master and doctoral study programs. Lecturers include high qualified practitioners – voice of Radio Skonto Valdis Melderis, chairman of the National Electronic Media Council Dr. phil. Ainārs Dimants, photographer of Plc. Diena Aivars Liepiņš, program director of Latvian Radio Lauris Zvejnieks, expert  of international and EU affairs of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia Dr. sc.pol. Inese Stepiņa, expert of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Dr. geogr. Ēriks Leitis, Dr. hist. director of the Institute of Latvian History Guntis Zemītis and internationally recognized experts in communication  – research worker of Uppsala University Dr. phil. Greg Simons, professor Dr. phil. Jako Lehtonen from Finland and other professionals. Graduates of the faculty can build professional career in public relations, advertisement, international communication management and journalism. Turiba University has been delegated the rights to award doctoral scientific degree (PhD) in communication science.

The study direction Information and Communication Sciences has been realised in the University since 2003. The first students in the field studies were admitted in the 2nd level higher professional education program Public Relations. In 2013 the total number of students in the Faculty of Communication reached 762.