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Turiba Was Represented in the International Tourism Conference in Kiev (3)

On 23 and 24 October in Kiev National Economic University the international scientific and practical conference „Tourism: Realias and Prospects of Stable Development” was held. Also Turiba University took part in the conference.

In this conference Turiba University was represented by manager of the Tourism Research Centre Ēriks Lingebērziņš, which shared his impressions about exchange of experience and benefits of the conference.

„This conference resulted more in exchange of experience. The aim of the conference was to sign a letter of intent among cooperation partners, thus facilitating further cooperation. Kiev National Economic University has the largest Faculty of Tourism in Ukraine, and also the common tendencies in tourism are similar to our ones - in Turiba. University has a great interest to offer an opportunity for its best master students to study in Riga. To my mind, it is one of the greatest benefits,” told E.Lingebērziņš.

When outlining the common tendencies in studies in Latvia and Ukraine, manager of the Tourism and Research Centre emphasized that “there are similarities in thinking – our colleagues in Kiev currently are trying to involve employers in the creation of curriculum, as it is already by us. In the same way the University is trying to implement opportunities of practical studies as much as possible. Also the learning content is quite similar”.

Exchange of experience showed what examples of best practice other higher education institution can adopt from Turiba. “One of the things implemented by Turiba, which could be adopted by representatives of Ukraine is Council of Faculty – an institution, which joins lecturers, students and representatives of the corresponding field in order to improve content of studies together. Also in the level of master studies the annual researches carried out by students seemed very exciting for colleagues,” explained E.Lingebērziņš.

Master students of Kiev National Economic University parallel preparation of master thesis starting from the first year of studies write a scientific article, which should be published at the end. Experience, which is gained by students when creating this article is particularly useful by continuing doctoral studies. E.Lingebērziņš pointed that this example would be worth to be implemented in Turiba University.

When assessing the offer of tourism studies in the former Soviet Union countries in general, manager of the Tourism and Research Centre concludes: “I think that we have developed far from Post-Soviet space, we have made a considerable step forward. For example, in understanding of various concepts. We understand the word “destination” very broadly – it could be anything, at any place, depending on the context, at the same time in the other Post-Soviet states “destination” refers only to tourism within the national borders of the state. We are closer to studies of Western Europe, where it is more important, what students wish to achieve with their works, not how academically correct methodology they use. The same story is also about quantitative and qualitative research methods – in the education institutions of Western countries it is already accepted that there can be also qualitative or mixed types of research. In Ukraine the research can still be based only on questionnaires, statistics and calculations.”

To evaluate the conference in general, it could be concluded that already in the next autumn it will be possible to welcome students of master programs in Turiba University, and international cooperation in many projects will be implemented, as well.




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