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Turiba University - TOP5 suggestions of employers (3)

For the fifth year, the Latvian Employers' Confederation (LEC) in collaboration with the career portal and with support from Statoil make the suggestion TOP of employers about study programs and educational schools, which gives the view to the graduates of high school where to study the profession they have chosen.  The aim of this TOP is to promote the selection for the graduates of high scools and elementary schools about their future education and career, considering the opinion of employers. This year 2209 employers have expressed their opinion which is 14 times more than in the first year of making such kind of TOP.

Turiba University is ranked in TOP5 of suggested schools and study programs of employers. University’s offered study program "Tourism and Hospitality Management" is ranked among the 10 suggested programs.

Employers suggested TOP5 of schools and study programs is made to help almost 31 thousand graduates of  primary schools, secondary schools and vocational education institutions to make the right choice about future education which will result in successful career by giving first-hand information about labor market.

General director of Lec- Liga Mengelsone: “ TOP5 of schools and study programs of employers is a good informational tool for graduates because in creation of this TOP participated various Latvian companies which are interested that labor market gets knowledgeable specialists.”

There is a record number of companies which participated in making this year’s TOP. And that points to employers' long-term strategy of attracting staff and willingness to get involved into young people's career choices therefore promoting  the economic development in Latvia.

Detailed results of suggested educational institutions and study programs of employers can be viewed at online career portal in the address



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