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Turība University is Graduated by 250 New Specialists (0)

This year the summer graduation ceremony at Turība University will take place on Saturday, June 15. There were 250 graduates this year, including 61 students from foreign countries.

There were four first level study programme diplomas issued at the graduation ceremony, 170 Bachelor’s study programme diplomas and 75 Master’s study programme diplomas, as well as one doctoral study diploma.

Having evaluated the number of graduates according to faculties, we find that most of all are the graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration - 119 graduates, followed by Faculty of International Tourism with 48 graduates, Faculty of Law with 43 graduates and Faculty of Communication with 40 graduates.

123 graduates from different faculties during the graduation ceremony received specially for them prepared gratitude for outstanding and excellent achievements during the study process that enables an opportunity to receive tuition discount for the next level studies at Turība. 8 out these 123 graduates received the diploma with honours at Turība University.

More than 15,000 graduates have been joined by 250 University graduates. It should be pointed out that the geography of graduates’ representation at Turība University has increased up to 29 countries all over the world.

Turība University congratulates all graduates, wishes success in their further educational path and career!

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