News>Turiba University has the 4th place in the TOP of the most recommended schools and studies by employers

Turiba University has the 4th place in the TOP of the most recommended schools and studies by employers (2)

For the sixth year  the Employers 'Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) and the career portal are making the TOP of the most recommended study programs and educational institutions by employers, which provides an insight for school graduates about where they can learn the chosen profession. The aim of the TOP is to promote well-thought choices about the further education and career for graduates of primary and secondary scools and professional education schools, taking into account the views of employers. This year  2500 employers have expressed their views, which is 19 times more than in the first year when the TOP was made.

Turiba University has the 4th place in the TOP,  as well as among the 10 most valued study programs have entered the university’s study program - Tourism and Hospitality Business Management.

LDDK General director- Liga Mengelsone: The TOP of employers' most recommended educational institutions and study programs is a good informative tool for graduates as to make it a wide range of Latvian companies took part in it as they are interested in obtaining knowledgeable specialists in the labor market. "

This year there was a record big number of companies who have participated in making the TOP, which indicates a long-term strategy from employers for attracting staff and a desire to participate in young people's career choices, promoting economic development in Latvia.

Representatives of the LDDK and invite young people to listen to the opinion of employers when making the choice about the education institution and study field in order to secure their job opportunities in the chosen field. The TOP also offers the posibility to look at sector profiles and specific professions so that everyone knows where to get the most professionally related profession.

Detailed results of the TOP of the most recommended education institutions and professions by employers can be found on the career portal at



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