News>Turiba University at exhibition “School 2017” will encourage everyone to act themselves and use the possibilities

Turiba University at exhibition “School 2017” will encourage everyone to act themselves and use the possibilities (41)

At the end of February Turiba University as usual will take part at the biggest educational exhibition in Latvia- “School 2017”, which will be from 24th till 26th February in the international exhibition center “Ķīpsala”.

Every visitor of the exhibition will be able to meet lecturers and tutors of all faculties of Turiba University as well as students who will willingly share their study experience and will answer to all questions.

On the first day of the exhibition, on 24th February, at 13:00 o’clock in the stand of Turiba University will take place the announcement of the winners and rewarding of the winners of the competition “The spot of Latvia’s 100year”. In the competition participated 5 - 12th grade pupils from Riga and regions, applying unwinding tourism objects of Latvia, sights, events and activities that would be directly binding to the audience of youth. Submitted works have contributed development of new tourism routes which are undertaken by students of Turiba University. Also on other days of the exhibition will be variety of activities and surprises.

Turiba University has always emphasized the importance of practical knowledge and experience of creating a successful career, explaining to students that with a susceptibility, hard work and knowledge everything is possible! Also at the exhibition it will be emphasized that the most important element to success is- YOU. In life and career all depends on one's own, so the motto of Turiba University at the exhibition this year is "Everything is in your hands!", encouraging young people to take the initiative and create their own success. How will YOU use your opportunity? 



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Happy to know about this biggest educational exhibition organized by Turiba University. I think this one is the best opportunity for each visitor because they have got the chance to meet lecturers and tutors during this exhibition. Thank you for sharing the exhibition details over here.

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The whole world could have the possibility to meet and know about the have a look at enjoy from learners and tutors.

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It’s good to hear the exhibition details of the university. I think it’s a great opportunity to all to know and exhibit their talents. Hope everyone will make use of the advantages. Thanks for the great effort.


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These displays and science fairs are the most ideal approach to empower new gifts and developments. It's the great stage to appeared one's abilities. I feel turiba college understudies are sufficiently fortunate to take part in it.
I felt very happy to know about this biggest educational exhibition in Latvia. I think this will be an opportunity for students to show their talents. Could you provide more details about this exhibition such as its date, time and venue so that those who are interested can attend it?

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It is a wonderful occasion for everyone to witness the latest possibilities and developments in the educational field. Everyone will have the opportunity to meet and know about the study experience from students and teachers. It looks to be a good way of encouraging the young people.

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I appreciate the university officials for their decision. It really helps students to discover their hidden talents and encourage them to take the advantage of opportunities. Keep continuing to upload more contents. Thanks for the share.


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Very excited to hear about the biggest educational exhibition, School 2017 that is conducted at Latvia. Turiba University also takes part in this exhibition and I hope the students from this university win different prizes and championships. Hope this helps the students to start a successful career.
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These exhibitions and science fairs are the best way to encourage new talents and innovations. It's the good platform to shown up one's skills. I feel turiba university students are lucky enough to participate in it.

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The experience of creating a successful career, explaining to students that with a susceptibility, hard work and knowledge everything is possible!