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This Sunday, on 14th May, students and employees of Turiba University will take place in the marathon "Lattelecom Riga" already the 9th time in a row. The team of university 'Turiba TURBO' in those 9 years has fulfiled distances of different lenghts. 

Since year 2009 under the Turiba TURBO team have run 342 participants, and of them 289 participants run 5-6 km distance, but 46 participants run 10 km distance. Also one person run half marathon, but 5 people run full marathon. 

The youngest participant of Turiba TURBO team is Valters Abelis, only 2 years young, who assisted to his father Kristaps and fulfiled 6 km distance back in year 2011. But in year 2014 Arvis Linins run the same distance being 6 years young and did the same in following two years. The grandmother of Arvis, Iveta Linina- the lector of department of Commerce, has represented Turiba TURBO already 5 times. 

As the most active seniors should be mentioned Vice-rector Ivars Namatevs who has been in Turiba TURBO team 3 times. In the list of seniors the first place is owned by Ingrida Veiksa, the Manager of Department of Law, who has taken place in the marathon 3 times. At the top of the list of seniors is also the Rector and the Chairman of the Board of Turiba University- Aldis Baumanis, who in the year 2009 showed the second best result in the team at the distance of 5-6 km. And the Dean of the Faculty of Communication- Andris Petersons- got outstanding result in the marathon distance in the year 2016. 

Under the Turiba TURBO team 5 times has run also Ruta Medne, the manager of educational projects of department of development, and Sintija Segliniece, the manager of direction of marketing of students' council and employee of department of development. 

As one of the most loyal participants under the team Turiba TURBO should be mentioned Hermanis Linins-  the husband of Iveta Linina, the manager of Services- Jolanta Brilte, the desktop publisher of department of development and the artist- Maija Graudina, the accountant- Anete Veipane, Ex-Chairmans of the Students' Council - Janis Gavars and Sarlote Janovica, and also students- Martins Motivans (player of BK Turiba), Edgars Mednis (the  member of Students' Council, starter of the project of futsal) and Sintija Strazdina (the manager of communication direction of Students' Council) who have represented Turiba TURBO 4 times. 

Also this year Turiba TURBO with 18 participants are getting ready for Lattelecom Riga marathon. Will the records fall down? Let's keep fingers crossed! 


Valdis Rocens - director of projects of Turiba University




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