News>Turiba students returned from Israel trip won in the competition “Advertisement Campaign of Tel Aviv”

Turiba students returned from Israel trip won in the competition “Advertisement Campaign of Tel Aviv” (6)

4th year students of Management of Leisure and Business Events of Turiba University - Arnita Beinaroviča, Santa Petroviča and Ieva Kazaka thanks to obtained first prize at the competition organized by Embassy of Israel “Advertisement Campaign of Tel Aviv” from 7 to 11 February travelled to Israel. In the above mentioned competition for the best advertising spot also two student teams of the Faculty of International Tourism of Turiba took part with the organizational support of the lecturers.

Students share their impressions: “We are still excited about the travel and impressions gained, which are incredible. Within five days we travelled a part of Israel with the tour guide Leonid, who introduced us with his culture and country. Although, according to weather forecasts, we were ready for rainy weather, though sun and warmth pampered us. The first thing what we saw when we came to Israel, was palms and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as high and modern buildings in the centre of Tel Aviv. We walked through the oldest part of the city Jaffa and understood how responsive, nice and friendly people live here.

On the first day of excursion we went to Jerusalem, where we were introduced with religions of the state and its history, also we visited churches and we were at the famous Wailing Wall.

On the second day we were at the very old ancient Israeli town Caesarea, in which there are ruins of temples, amphitheatre and other buildings, which were built in the time of Roman Empire. We tried to get into and to understand how people lived and fought in the past. On the third day we went to the smelt sea of Israel – the Dead Sea, where we tested that there is impossible to sink in this water, but all the time to swim on surface of the water.

Israel is at least three times smaller country than Latvia, but natural and climatic diversity creates an opposite impression. There are 6 climate zones in Israel, which allowed us to enjoy this day both in +13° C, and +26° C. There are high mountains and the lowest point below the sea level – 394 m. Israel is rich of seas and rocky deserts. The human contribution in establishment of Tel Aviv is marvellous. Before 105 years in the territory of Tel Aviva there was only clear and sandy desert, but today this is built with lower and higher buildings. Every plant, every tree has been planted by a human. The hard work of the people has created incredible beauty, which we have also enjoyed and appreciated in these days.

We express our gratitude to management of Turiba University and Embassy of Israel to Latvia.”

PHOTOS: Arnita Beinaroviča, Santa Petroviča and Ieva Kazaka




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