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Turiba Has Two More Doctorates – Jānis Bramanis and Una Skrastiņa (0)

On 14 December 2013 in Turiba University solemnly two Turiba University doctor’s degree diplomas were awardered. In the winter graduation which this year turned into double celebration – diploma, Turiba Doctorate gold coin and traditional academic hat were awarded to the new doctorates of the law J.Bramanis and U.Skrastiņa.

Dr.iur., associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Law Ingrīda Veikša comments: „It is good to know that more and more doctorate students are approaching the scientific level. Any new innovation and contribution to science is valuable finding and experience both for the author of the research, and for the University; for the society and economics, as well as because it enables to analyse and evaluate, argue and implement the best solutions in various areas of life.”

As previously announced on 18 September, this year, the public hearing of the Promotion Board was held in Turiba University in which the doctorate theses for obtaining the scientific doctorate degree in law were defended by doctorate students of the Faculty of Law Jānis Bramanis and Una Skrastiņa.

Scientific doctor’s degree in Law (Dr.iur.) is awarded to Jānis Bramanis for the successfully defended doctoral thesis „Issues of the Development of the Building Rights in Latvia” and Una Skrastiņa for the doctoral thesis „Criteria for Supply Selection and Evaluation in the Public Procurement”.

The theses and their summaries can be found in the library of Turiba University and in the webpage of the University.

In general, there were three doctorate diplomas awarded in Turiba. The first doctorate diploma for the successfully defended doctorate thesis „Historical Origins of the Legislation Issues of the Authors and Producers of Audio-Visual Works and its Solutions in the Republic of Latvia” was awarded on 30 August 2012 by the lecturer of Law Department of Turiba Jānis Rušenieks.

The University implements three doctoral study programmes – Communication Management, Science of Law and Business Administration. As provided in the rules adopted by the government on delegating rights of awarding (promotional) scientific degrees of universities starting from 3 May, 2011, Turiba University has been delegated the rights of promotional or doctor’s degree in the science of law, in its turn, from 31 July, 2012, the University has been delegated promotional or doctorate awarding rights in the communication science.