News>Turiba enters the education sector’s brand TOP 5

Turiba enters the education sector’s brand TOP 5 (10)

There are not significant changes in the leadership positions of the education sector’s brand, even though in the sector as a whole has been observed a decrease of the most loved ones, but this year Turiba University has been able to rank between the leaders.

It is significant that universities in the public environment use new arguments in marketing to convince people about their value, paying attention to the effectiveness of social media strategy - the environment in which live their primary audience. Analyzing the year's most influential brand top results, it can be concluded that, in spite of intense activity, offered content of universities is not conducive to the involvement of the audience. Turiba University is the only higher education institution, which has managed to rank to the most influential brand TOP 50 this year.

Top is based on research that is conducted by the internationally designed and locally adapted brand research methodology DDB Brand Capital. The study includes more than 1,000 questions about the brand and the relationship between the audience, the audience lifestyle, media usage and demographics.



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