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Turiba Clean up on the 27th April – Join Us! (0)

The Big Clean-up will be organised all over Latvia on the 27th April and Turiba University invites you to join us in cleaning up the University territory (both sides of the railway station “Turība”). We invite students, educators, employees and all those interested in keeping our surroundings clean and tidy to join us.

The Big Clean-up is the largest non-governmental movement on a voluntary basis aimed at cleaning up, reinvigorating and enhancing our environment thereby creating cohesion, positivism and a sense of goodwill. Over the last 10 years, around 500 000 participants have taken part in the Big Clean-up. The Big Clean-up has been held in Latvia since 2008 and each year an ever increasing number of new enthusiasts gather together, wishing to contribute towards the achievement of the project goals: making our country the cleanest and tidiest place in the world.

Come alone or bring your friends and family! Let’s us make our surroundings cleaner, tidier and more pleasant together! All the necessary equipment (waste collection bags, gloves, tools) will be provided by us. You just need to bring along your good mood and the desire to work. We recommend that you dress prudently taking into account the nature of the work and the weather conditions!

It is a well-known fact that work in the fresh air always enhances your appetite, so all the Clean-up participants are invited to tasty snacks after a hard day’s work! If the Big Clean-up day is not sunny, the organizers will also arrange raincoats.

Information useful for Clean-up participants!

You must surely wear gloves during the Clean-up! We recommend you wear long pants and long sleeved shirts or jackets. Please wear closed footwear that is sturdy enough with a thick sole. If you come across any suspicious objects during the Clean-up, bottles with chemicals, undetectable liquids, batteries or any other types of hazardous waste – do not touch them! Please inform the responsible Clean-up organisers about the location of such objects!

See you on the 27th April at 10.00.  Meeting point - Turiba University, Streetball court.